Monday, May 09, 2011

Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 4

Carlos Ghosn
Photo by Eric Miller originally uploaded to flickr by World Economic Forum

Hello! Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your weekend.
Today we are going to start Unit 2. First, look at the photo. Do you know this man? With a partner answer these questions:
  1. What is this man's name?
  2. What is his job?
  3. Where is he from?
  4. Where is his office?
Now let's learn some vocabulary. Click this link: Introduction to Business English 1A
Now let's do the tasks in Unit 2 of our textbook.
Finally, click comment below. Write a paragraph about yourself. Describe your daily routine. You can see some examples here:


* Read p.21. Prepare for the case study
* Do Unit 2 on your self-study CD ROM.


  1. Nozomi2:10 pm

    I gets up 6:45 and eat breakfast.
    I leave home at about 8:00 and I go to school.
    I listen to the music in the train.
    I study and talk with my friends.
    I work part-time job from 6:00 to 11:00.
    I arrive home about 12:00.
    Then I take a bath, watch TV and listen to the music.
    I go to bed 1:30.

  2. Yusuke2:12 pm

    I get up at 6 o'lock.
    I arrived at school at 9 o'clock.
    next class the UK comparison.
    next this class.
    At weekends,I'm studying spanish.

  3. I get up at 7o'clock
    in fact I wash my face.
    I eat in breakfast.
    I'm go to the school,when arrive at 9o'clock.
    I'm work in the school.
    I'll take the train and arrive to myhome.
    And I'm go to the bed.

  4. Yajuan2:13 pm

    I get up at 7:00.I come school at 10:00.
    After school I go to home. I eat dinner after I go to part time job.
    I come back my home at 11:45 and I go to bet at 1:00

  5. takumi2:15 pm

    I often get up at 9a.m.
    I go to school at10a.m.
    I often go to the English lounge to eat lunch.
    I go to the club activity on monday and friday.
    I often go home at 8p.m.
    I usually eat dinner with my friends.
    I go to bed at 12p.m.

  6. Shota2:16 pm

    I often get up at 6a.m.
    I go to school at 7a.m.
    I eat lunch to English lunge.
    I aften go home at 9a.m.

  7. I get up at 7:30.I come to school at 10:20. I have 2 or 3 classes.I go to English lounge and talk friends and english teachers at 12:30. After school I go to part time job. I get home at 1:00.I take a shower at 1:30.I go to bed at 2:00.

  8. Yukii Y2:18 pm

    I get up at 7;00. After wake up wash my face , brash my teeth , change my clothes and I eat breakfast. I come to school 8:50. Afterschool I go to shopping or practice batontwirling.I go to bed 10:00.

  9. Takuto2:18 pm

    I get up at 5:00 a.m.
    I go to school at 8:00a.m.
    I arrived to school at 9:30a.m.
    I go to parttime job at 5:00p.m.And parttime job fineshed 12:00a.m.I back home at 1:00a.m.And I go to bed at 2:00a.m.everyday hard:(

  10. Ryohei2:18 pm

    I usually get up at7:00a.m.
    And I go to school at9:00.
    I come home at5:00p.m.
    And I eat dinner at6:00p.m.Then I study English about 2hours.And Iwatch TV.
    Finally I sleep at12:00p.m.

  11. Natuki2:19 pm

    I get up at 9:00 everymorning.
    I go to school at 10:00
    I go to part time job at 17:00
    I finish part time job at23:00
    I back home at 24:00
    I go to bed at 1:00

  12. Daiki.A2:20 pm


    I get up at 8:50am
    I go to school at 9:10am
    I sleep about 1:00am.
    My Part time is yakinikuya.

  13. I get up at 8:00AM.
    I go to school at 8:30AM.
    I come home at 7:00PM.
    I often go to part-time job at 5:30PM.

  14. hitomi2:21 pm

    I get up 8o'clock.
    I have a breakfast.
    I wash my face and make up.
    I arrive at the school.
    I study english.
    I come home at 5 o'clock pm.
    I goto bed At 2 o'clock am.
    At weekends,I get up 7 o'clock.
    I hastily one's fase.
    I arrive at work.
    I take the train.
    I go to SINJYKU.

  15. Satoshi2:23 pm

    I get up at 6:30. I come to school at 8:30. After school, I go home, I go to bed at 0:30.

  16. I get up at 7o'clock.
    I wash my face.
    I go to school at 8o'clock.
    I drink hot tea.
    I back home 4o'clock.
    I often go to part time job at 4o'clock.

    1. Hi Aren,
      Where do you work?

    2. Hi!!

      I work in Ionmall.

  17. Erina2:35 pm

    I get up at about 8,and after I wash my face.
    I eat breakfast everymorning even if I have a no time.
    This isn't my daily routine. I action case by case.
    So,sometimes I was late for my class.
    But, I always read a book during commute in the train.
    I arrive university at 10:13pm.

    1. Hi Erina,
      What book are you reading now?

  18. Erina2:07 pm

    Thank you for your comment. I reading about oneself enligtenment and some times reading about business books.