Monday, May 30, 2011

Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 7: Unit 3 Case Study

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to do the case study at the end of Unit 3. Unit 3 is about problems.

Watch the video.

What problems did Mr. Bean have on holiday?

Next, let's review some vocabulary. Click this link: TYG Introduction to Business English A Vocabulary.

Local Complaint Dept.

Stating the problem, making a complaint, and finding solutions are all important skills in business. Today you will practice these skills by doing the case study on pages 28,29 of your textbook.

After you finish post a comment. Have you ever had trouble on a holiday? Have you ever had a problem with a product you bought? Tell us about it.


  1. Tetsuya2:14 pm

    When I buy food in super market.

    it was missing price by clerk.

  2. Natuki2:15 pm

    Internet order.
    T-shirts is different color and size.
    exchange T-shirts.

  3. I was go to the restaurant.
    I order to a chocolate pudding.
    But the restaurant staff brought a hamburger.

  4. yusuke2:19 pm

    I've got problems with words in USA.
    Because I could not speak English.
    The story of an American in a cafe.
    But through the words.
    Thanks you.

  5. DAIKI,A2:20 pm

    I went to "hidakaya".
    Then I order ramen and agegyouza.
    but gyouza come too late.
    When gyouza come, I finshed eating ramen.

  6. takuto2:20 pm

    I bought Cellphone charger, but it broke soon. I'm very angry! but I don't go to shop.becouse,It was too much trouble to go shop.
    So I threw it away. haha!

  7. Ryuki2:22 pm

    I bought shirt in Harajuku at"H&M"but this shirt is too big.
    So I change just size.
    I say "sorry".
    shop staff "Don't worry"

    I cut hair,but I don't holp to hair.
    I'm very sad
    Later I never go to hair salon.

  8. Hitomi2:22 pm

    my holiday is part time in SINZYUKU.
    I went to restaurant.
    I eat lunch for tarako spaghetti.
    spaghetti inside hair!!
    I'm angry.
    but,change menu to hamburger.
    It is very delicious.
    I'm in a good humor,I'm simple character.

  9. Ryohei2:25 pm

    When I went to a restairant, I have a problem.
    I ordered 300g hamberger.But cleak brought 150g hamberger.So I told him "I ordered a 300g! this is 150g isn't it?"
    10 minute later I could eat 300g humberger.
    And Icould eat free.

  10. satoshi2:25 pm

    I went to school early but I rode this train is very delayd I arrive to school but my class is finished I'm very sad.

  11. Tomomi2:27 pm

    It rainy.
    Sunday be late.
    Friend is a disqute.

  12. Suguru2:27 pm

    when I harry up delay at train.
    Employee is behaves poorly in Convenience store.

  13. takumi2:30 pm

    Recentry, I have a party in Akihabara. It was a fantastic, but it was 11 o'clock, so hurry up to get on the last train, but I couldn't...Then my helpfull friend told me to come to my house. So I'm lucky to go to my friend's house and slept very well. If I hadn't done that, maybe I had slept on the street.

  14. Shunjirou S12:44 pm

    I think the biggest business problem in Japan is "Working poor" problem. I learned this word in other class. Now Japanese state about employment is bad. There are many people who work hard but can't earn much because they work part-time or can't have a good job. This is one of the important problem in Japan.