Monday, May 09, 2011

基礎英語1A Basic English Writing Lesson 4

Hello everyone, I hope you enjoyed the weekend. I enjoyed the weekend very much. I especially enjoyed tweeting with you. You can see an example of a twitter conversation I had this weekend. Look at the picture below.

Let's go to Twitter now. I made a list for our class. You can see the feed on the right side of this blog. Please click "Join the conversation". Now click the user name of one of your classmates. Then click "Follow". Finally, reply to one of your classmates' tweets.

I know some of you were studying vocabulary on Quizlet too. Let's study some more vocabulary. Please click this link: Togaku 英単 Set 3.

Now let's continue learning about paragraphs.
Don't forget to keep tweeting, and to write replies to your classmates' posts on our Posterous blog.
Your homework is to write about a place that you would like to visit. you should post your paragraph on our Posterous blog. Post to our groovy blog by e-mailing You should include a picture. You can use one of my pictures if you like. You can see them here:

See you Friday!

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