Monday, May 16, 2011

Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 5: Unit 2 Case Study

Hi, today we are going to do the case study on p.21 of our textbook. In the case study you will learn how to do problem solving.

Homework on the beach
First, let's review some vocabulary. Click this link:
Introduction to Business English 1A Vocabulary.

Now let's review some grammar. Please click this link: Present Simple Verbs.

Finally, post your writing assignment as a comment below.


  1. Takuto2:30 pm

    I like interesting teacher!
    I don't like homework!
    I want to no homework!

  2. Ryuki2:31 pm

    I'm Ryuki!
    This class is very fun!
    I like talk in English about business.
    And,listen and writting.
    But,I don't like ...Uh~....nothing!
    All class is very enjoy!!
    Thank you!

  3. Natuki Matumoto2:31 pm

    Hi, Michal.
    I like study English.
    and teacher interesuting.
    and I like PC

  4. Ryohei2:31 pm

    Hi Michael
    I like studying on PC and I like you.

    I dont like homework!

    Id like to you get along with me.

  5. Tetsuya2:32 pm

    about This class.
    Hello Michale!

    I like friendry mood for this class.

    I don't like sometimes noisy.

    I wanto to more speak English for this class.

  6. Shota Izumi2:32 pm

    Dear Mr Michal.
    I like this class becouse it's very interesting.
    But I don't like homework!
    I want speaking English.

  7. yusuke2:32 pm

    Im' yusuke in this class.
    I like this class.
    I want to friend in this class.

  8. Hello Micheal.
    I like study English communication.
    but that's difficalt.
    I don't like nothing.It's true.
    I want to speak English more in this class.

    I hope speak English myself.

  9. Shizuka2:32 pm

    Hello Michel!
    I like this class because it's interesuting.
    And,I able to gain inportant business skils.
    But,I don't like speking to everyone.

  10. Yajuan2:32 pm

    I like this class. study business English.
    I don't like question.and many homework.
    I like enjoy study.