Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English 1B Final Exam Study Guide

Hello everyone!

Today we are going to learn how to write a curriculum vitae (C.V.) or resume, and we are going to prepare for the final exam.

The Final Exam is on Monday the 16th of  January 2012. The exam will be 1 hour long. The exam covers units 9, 10, 11 and 12 (pp. 78-117). The exam includes vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing. The study guide is below.

  • Part 1: Vocabulary - Fill in the blanks in a paragraph by selecting words from a box.  Please study our Introduction to Business English B Vocabulary List on Quizlet.
  • Part 2:Grammar - Complete sentences by inserting the correct simple present,or present continuous form of the verb. Reviewing the CD Rom activities for Units 9-12 would be a great way to study for this section.
  • Part 3:  Skills - Starting a presentation. Complete the introduction to a presentation by choosing the correct words and filling in the blanks.
  • Part 4: Reading: Read a Financial Times article and answer comprehension questions using full sentences.
  • Part 5: Writing - write a 70-100 word e-mail to a colleague requesting information about a presentation.

Now, let's learn how to write a resume, and also learn about a great man called An Wang. Click the link to see An Wang's resume. Write 5 questions about An Wang's resume and then ask your partner to answer the questions.

Next, click the link to download a template for your own resume, then fill in the template. When you've finished you'll have a resume!

Have a great holiday. See you next year!

Friday, December 16, 2011

応用英吾1-2B 2011 Student Fan Fiction Winners

Hello everyone,

Well we have winners. The writers of our textbook, Marcos Benevides and Adam Gray have chosen the 3 best fan fiction stories written by you. The winners are in reverse order:

#3 Natsumi - Mr. Gray said her story had a "Strong narrative presence.." and he, "...enjoyed the Leo and son angle."

#2 Kiyofumi - Mr. Benevides said "I absolutely *love* the concept--the 2nd person narration from Sara's point of view, combined with never directly revealing that it is in fact her. Very clever! I also love how it is revealed that the whole U Street case was actually a big frame-up masterminded by Sara and Carson! This reads like a real 'noir' story. Brilliant!"

and the winner is...

#1 Yuma - Mr. Benevides said, "Very nice, complete story. The characters are all believable and interesting, and the conclusion is unexpected and satisfying. The poem at the beginning is an interesting and clever way to start the story."

Mr. Gray said, "Hands down winner... thus had it all - some poetry, a gripping story, strong and complex command of English."

Honourable mentions also to Chiaki and Ryo.

Both Mr. Gray and Mr. Benevides enjoyed all the stories. Mr. Benevides said, "These are really interesting. I honestly liked all of them...and please pass a big 'thank you' to your students too. This group of stories is definitely my favourite so far!" Mr. Gray said, "In general I thought this was a solid batch of entries! Congrats to all."

All three winners receive a copy of Mystery of the Maya, which is part of a new series of graded readers edited by Mr. Benevides. The series is called Choose Your Own Adventure. Choose Your Own Adventure was originally a series of books written for native speaker children. Mr. Benevides loved reading the series when he was a boy, so he decided to edit the series for English language learners like you! Click the link to read more about the Choose Your Own Adventure Series on wikipedia in English and in Japanese きみならどうする?
I will post reformulated versions of the 3 winning stories as soon as possible. I will also post a link to all the stories in their original forms as well.

Please click the link to see previous examples of fan fiction based on Whodunit? .

Have a fun and safe winter break!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shibaura Institute of Technology 英語総合1B Assignment 3

Hello everyone,
Well it's time for another assignment. This is Assignment 3. Please download the document and print it. You must submit your assignment by e-mail and also you must hand it in the last class. The last class is on the 17th of January. Don't forget that next Tuesday's class has been cancelled. If you can't attend the class tonight, please click the link and download your make-up assignment.  I will post an exam study guide soon. Please check this blog for your exam study guide. Happy holidays!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

基礎英吾1B Writing: My Proposal

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to start our fourth writing task of the second semester. In this task you will make a proposal for Toyo Gakuen University. What would you like to change about Toyo Gakuen Univesrity? Here's your chance to tell everyone how you think Togaku could be a better university.
First, let's look at some proposals by students at Shibaura Institute of Technology.
Now it's your turn. make a list of things you'd like to change at Togaku. Share your list with your partner. Then start the first draft of your paragraph. your first draft is due next Sunday at 6pm.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Toyo Gakuen University Special Reading Lesson: Romeo and Juliet.


Today we will have a special reading lesson made by a great teacher in Thailand called Brian Boyd, also known as Grammarman. Brian has simplified a Classical Comics version of the romantic story Romeo and Juliet. Click the link to download a pdf version of the comic.

Read the comic and do the tasks on your worksheet.

After, post a comment. What do you think of the story Romeo and Juliet. Can you think of any stories like it? Can you name any examples of Shinju (心中) in Japanese literature. What do you think of these stories.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Shibaura Institute of Technology 英語総合1B Global Issues - Chapter 7: Love and Marriage Part 3

Bangladeshi Bride and Groom

Hello everyone, Today we will continue discussing Love and Marriage. Look at the picture above. This is a picture I took of a Bangladeshi bride and groom at a wedding reception I attended in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In the photo below you can see me with my colleagues. I am wearing a traditional Bengali panjabi. We were a little embarrassed because all the Bangladeshi men wore European business suits. 


Now let's listen to two people talking about Love and Marriage in Bangladesh. Some people in Bangladesh have arranged marriages. Let's listen to a conversation about arranged marriages on my friend Todd Beukens great website English Listening Lesson Library Online (ELLLO). Please listen to the conversation and do the quiz. 

Now let's study some vocabulary. Please click the Vocabulary Flashcards tab above. Then scroll down and find the link to our SIT 英語総合 Vocabulary Flashcards. Click the link and sign into Quizlet. After that, scan the next reading and add unknown words to our flashcard set.

Today we are going to learn about love songs in Crete. The picture on the left is a picture of a building in Crete.

Before you read, make a list of words that you can usually hear in a love song. 

One of my favourite love songs is First Love by Utada Hikaru. What's your favourite love song. Please post your answer as a comment.

See you next week!

Friday, December 02, 2011

応用英語1-2B Review

Well we've finished reading Death on U Street. I think the story was great. Today we are going to review the story. First, let's review the vocabulary. Click this link: 応用英語1-2B Reading Vocabulary Review all six lists.

Now click this link to review the events in the story: Death on U Street Timeline 1. Copy the timeline onto a piece of loose leaf paper. Next, review the story and add in any more important events. Include events from the timeline on p.111. Also scan pp. 121, 124, 125, 132, 148. Look at pp. 111 and 148. What time was Terry Sweet murdered?

After that write a summary of the story on p.14 in your Detective's notebook.
Finally, write a review of the story. Maybe Adam and Marcos will read your reviews and write a reply. Post your review as a comment below.