Friday, October 26, 2007

Life in Tokyo: A music video by British Pop group "Japan"

Here's a video from a British group called Japan. The singer is David Sylvian. David Sylvian has made music with Ryuichi Sakamoto.
There is an extended version of this video too. The extended version shows scenes of Tokyo in the late seventies.
You can watch the extended version be clicking this link:

Saturday, October 20, 2007


I just found a great powerpoint presentation made by Professor Charles Darling of Capital Community College. The presentation presents the rules of spelling for American English. Most of the rules are the same as the rules of other Englishes too.
Here's some vocabulary to help you understand. The Japanese translations come from Space ALC. If you want a simple English definition click on the word. Then you can see a definition from Simple English Wikipedia. Also, don't forget to try the Simple English Wiktionary. Ok them, here's the vocabulary:
Vowel - 母音{ぼいん}、母音字{ぼいん じ}
Consonant - 子音{しいん}
Plural - 複数形{ふくすう けい}
Proper noun - 固有名詞こゆう めいし}
In order to view the presentation, click the arrow on the player that is pointing right .

Monday, October 15, 2007

Famous People: Utada Hikaru
Toyo Gakuen University FE3-Listening Homework Assignment 2

In American Headway 2 Unit 7 we have been listening to people talk about fame and famous people. Here's a homework assignment to practice the listening skills we have been learning in class.

Watch the video. Answer the questions on the task sheet that was e-mailed to you. This assignment is due Wednesday 24 October.

After you watch the video please post a comment. Please tell me:
  1. if you liked the video.
  2. why you liked the video or why you didn’t like the video.
  3. which listening strategies you used before you watched the video, and which listening strategies you used while watching the video.
  4. If you liked this homework assignment.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Shibaura Institute of Technology Listening Comprehension Assignment 1

The topic of your first assignment is music. You will hear three interviews. Listen to the interviewers and do the tasks on the worksheet that you received in class.

Task 1
Click this link:

Task 2
Click this link:

Click this link:

These interviews come from a great website called ELLLO. ELLLO means English language Listening On-line. The interviewer is my friend Todd Beuckens. You can hear more of Todd's interviews by clicking here.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Even More Pronuciation Practice: Hard and Soft "th", "l" and "r"

In American Headway 2 Unit 10 we have learned a new word, "through". "Through" has two difficult sounds.

Here's a funny cartoon showing how to pronounce "th". This cartoon was originally posted by an English teacher called Rafael de Carvalho Pullen Parente on his blog, Teacher Rafael.

Now, here are two videos to help you pronounce "through". The "th" sound in "through" is the soft "th" (/θ/) sound. The hard "th" (/ð/) sound is the "th" sound in "this".
These videos were made by an English teacher and soccer coach from Glasgow, Scotland called Brian Gallagher. He has a unique school in Japan called Fair Play Soccer School. Students at Fair Play Soccer School learn English and Soccer.
Since Mr. Gallagher is Scottish, his accent is a little difference from mine. However, it's close enough.

Watch the videos. Look at the speaker's mouth. Use a mirror and practice the pronunciation of "th", "l" and "r".

Hard and Soft "th"
l" and "r"

Watch again! Practice! Enjoy!

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Visit to the Doctor

Here's a video to help you with American Headway 2 Unit 8 p.65, Everyday English: A visit to the Doctor. This video is in English and Korean. So, by watching it you can learn a little Korean too!
Below is some vocabulary to help you on a visit to a doctor in an English speaking country:

1 diarrhea 下痢
2 food poisoning 食中毒
3 flu インフルエンザ
4 hurt 痛む
5 swollen glands リンパ腺がはれた
6 nauseous 吐き気を催させる
7 swallow のむ、のみこむ
8 sneeze くしゃみをする
9 runny nose 水洟。鼻水を出ている
10 ankle 足首
11 ache 痛む
12 temperature 気温、体温
13 examine 診る
14 pharmacy ファーマシー、薬局
15 infection 伝染
16 medication 薬物
17 prescribe しょほうせんを書く
18 symptom 病気の徴候、症状
19 illness 病気


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Autumn: the season of English language teaching conferences and other scary things

Every year in Japan, October and November are busy months for English language teachers. Almost every week-end a workshop, seminar, or conference is held.

Today I'd like to tell you about some conferences coming soon.

Every year English Teachers in Japan (ETJ) holds ELT Expos all over Japan. You can find the expo nearest you on by clicking this link. The ETJ Tokyo Expo is at Toyo Gakuen University (Hongo Campus) this year.

The Japan Association of Language Teaching (JALT) is holding many events in October and November. One of these events is the JALT Second Annual Joint Tokyo Conference.

This event will also be held at Toyo Gakuen University (Hongo Campus). Also, JALT's annual national conference is being held in Tokyo this year.

You can find out about more English Language Teaching events in Japan by visiting the ELT Calendar. There is alway a list of upcoming events on the right side of this blog. Scroll down and look for "ELT Calendar".

I will be presenting at the ETJ Tokyo Expo and the JALT National Conference. I hope to see you there.

photo taken by OiMax on 28/10/06

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More Pronunciation Practice: /Th/, /s/ and /z/

Here are two videos from Action Language Academy. Watch the videos and practice.