Monday, November 12, 2007

Toyo Gakuen University
FE-3 Listening Semester 2 Assignment 3

In Unit 9 of our textbook, American Headway 2, we have been listening to people talk about the future. For your third assignment you will watch and listen to a video about a trip to Mars. This video was made by my friend Paul Carr and it is available from his website ESLpodTV. It is an animated video that Paul made by himself. perhaps in the future all teachers will be animators too.
Here's how Paul introduces the video:
Topic: Astronauts start journey to Mars (火星までの新しい冒険)
upper intermediate (中上級)
Language: listening (聞く)

This is an upper intermediate lesson introducing a new
series about a group of astronauts on a two year mission to Mars.
There are some useful words and expressions to learn below.
More are in the text.
mission - a task or job
specialist - somebod
y who is very good at one job
on board - to be on a ship, airplane or spacecraft
countdown - to count backwards - 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
habitation - a place to live

For Japanese and Spanish translations please go to transcript.
( せりふの訳はこの
Watch the video and complete the task sheet that was e-mailed to you. Submit your assignment by e-mail. The due date is Monday 18 November 2007.
If you would like to see further episodes of Mars 1, please visit ESLpodTV.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Describing People:
Personal characteristics 個人的特徴{こじん てき とくちょう}

Here are two videos from Real . The words below are used to describe Americans and the British. Watch the videos. Which words are used to describe the British? Which words are used to describe the Americans? Some other words are used to describe the Americans. What are they?

Fair - 公平
Bossy - 偉そうな
Reserved - 〔性格{せいかく}が〕控えめな
Arrogant - 尊大{そんだい}な、ごう慢な、無礼{ぶれい}な、横柄{おうへい}
Snobbish - 俗物{ぞくぶつ}(根性{こんじょう})の、上にへつらい下に威張る、紳士気取
Sophisticated - 洗練
OK in small doses - OKだが、あまり一緒にいたくない
Awful - 嫌な
Well educated - 十分な[立派{りっぱ}な]教育を受けた、教養のある、教育の行き届いた、
Stuffy - 格式{かくしき}が高い
Pompous - 思いあがった
Self confident - 自信のある、自信過剰{じしん かじょう}
Outgoing - 社交的
Outspoken - 率直{そっちょく}
A bit over the top - 少しやり過ぎる
brash - 性急{せいきゅう}
Over confident - 自信過剰{じしん かじょう}
Over weight - 太り過ぎ

What are the British like?

What are the Americans like?