Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University Homestay English 2nd Semester Lesson 2

Today let's start with a short quiz.

Now let's review some vocabulary. Click the link: TYG Homestay English Vocabulary List.

Now let's start Unit 1 in the textbook.
After the lesson, please write a comment.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shibaura Institute of Technology 英語総合1B (Global Issues 2) and Writing 1B

Today we are going to start our first units of study in the 英語総合1B (Global Issues 2) and Writing 1B classes. Below are some useful links:

英語齟齬1B Links:
Tapestry Chapter 2 Quiz

Please take a look at the work done by students in previous classes. You can do work this good too!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University Interest-based English: Fall 2009 Travel Lesson 2

Tokyo, originally uploaded by Stuck in Customs.

Today we are going to continue learning useful English to use at immigration and customs.
Let's review. Please click this link: Lesson 2
Follow the directions (指示に従う). Do the tasks.
After you finish, please return to this post and write a comment.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Introduction to Business English B Lesson 2

Today we are going to read about two successful people: Mercedes Erra and Bill Gates. Watch the video below. What language is Erra speaking?  Where do you think she lives? How many languages do you think she can speak?

Below is a picture of Bill Gates. Work with a partner. Make a list of 6 things that you know about Bill Gates.

Now, let's learn some new words. Click this link:
Introduction to Business English Vocabulary List 2 . Click "Start"and select iKnow. Do the lesson.
Finally, let's use the words we have learned. Write a comment. Describe Mercedes Erra and Bill Gates. Use at least 4 new words.


Friday, September 18, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University Travel English 2nd Semester Lesson 1

Welcome to Travel English. Today we will learn about the course.
Let's watch some videos. These videos show images from my trips to the Philippines, Tahiti, Bangladesh and Canada.

Now, let's look at the interesting links below.
Passport Online
Travel Vocabulary I

Where do you want to travel. Please leave a comment.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

FE2-Reading Semester 2 Lesson 1

Welcome back! I hope you had a great summer holiday, and I hope you read a lot of great books. I think we are really going to enjoy reading together again this semester.

What would you do if you had a million dollars? A million dollars is about one hundred million yen (一億円). Let's listen to a song and watch a video. Try to remember 5 things that the singer would buy if he had a million dollars.

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

Today we are going to read about two rich people, Milton Petrie and Hetty Green. You can see a picture of Hetty Green below.

This semester you are going to study at your own pace (マイペース).  Please open the lecture folder. Look for a file called "FE2U6IndepStudy.doc". Save the document to your folder, then do the tasks.

Introduction to Business English B Lesson 1

Welcome to Introduction to Business English B.
Today we are going to learn about the course. We will read the course outline, and we will watch a video too. We will learn how to greet people in business situations, and we will look at the textbook.

This lesson will be review for students who took Introduction to Business English A.

OK, let's start.

Please click this link: Exchanging business cards. Watch the video and do the quiz.

Now let's learn some vocabulary. Please click this link: TYG Introduction to Business Vocabulary.
Finally, please open the lecture folder and save the course outline to your own folder.
That's all. Please leave a comment. See you next week.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Homestay Class Semester 2 Lesson 1

Welcome to the Homestay class. This is a picture of a homestay family in India. Would you like to do a homestay in India? Where would you like to do a homestay?

Let's start with a survey (アンケート). Please click the link below.

Now let's learn some vocabulary. Click the link below.

TYG Homestay English Vocabulary List.

Click here to download your task sheet for this lesson: Homestay English Lesson 1 Tasks

Write a comment. Introduce yourself and tell me where you would like to do a homestay.

Below is the course plan.

Home Stay English Orientation Handout

Please buy the text book before our next lesson. The textbook is Homestay Adventures by Kevin Cleary and Dale Fuller. The textbook is published by MacMillan Language House.
Finally, click the link to see information about this class, including information about the tests: Homestay English Study Guides and lesson materials.

See you next week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shibaura Institute of Technology Class Rules for the 2nd Semester of 2009

Today was the first day of classes for students in my 英語総合1B (Global Issues 2) and my Writing 1B courses. As usual, we made some rules. The students in 英語総合1B made the rules in the picture below.

Rules for Students Fall 2009-1

The students in Writing 1B made the rules in the picture below.

Rules for Students Fall 2009-2

The students made some rules for me too. You can see them in the pictures below.

Rules for the Teacher Fall 2009-2

My favourite rules for me are:
  • Michael mustn't use violence on students
  • Michael must love his students
You can see the class rules made by students in previous classes too.

A note for teachers:
My "Class Rules" posts have been the most popular with you. I'd like to know what you think of these class rules. Please leave a comment. Also, thanks to Michelle Henry and Larry Ferlazzo for all the referrals.