Monday, May 02, 2011

Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 3

Hi, todays lesson is about describing people. Today we will learn how to describe ourselves and we will learn how to describe others.

First let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Introduction to Business English 1A Vocabulary

Now let's think about the topic. Look at the picture.
This is Nobuyuki Idei (出井伸之) He is the former CEO of Sony. What kind of company is Sony? Talk about it with your partner. Use your imagination (想像力). Answer the questions below:
1. Is this man rich?
2. How many days a week does this man work?
3. How many hours a day does this man work?
4. What are his interests and hobbies?

Now read the article about Jeffrey Immelt in your textbook. After, do the activities on page 9.

Do you know these famous Japanese CEOs: Masayoshi Son,  Tadashi Yanai,  Akira Mori. Write a description of ONE of these famous Japanese CEOs. Post your description as a comment below.
Have a nice Golden Week!


  1. Ryuki2:27 pm

    Masayosi Son
    He is richman.
    He is CEO of softbank.
    He from korea.
    Now,He is charenging to telephon at subway.

  2. Yukii Yoshida2:27 pm

    Tadashi Yanai is a great man. Because he is from Waseda University and billionaire.

  3. Yusuke2:28 pm

    He name is Tadashi Yanai.
    He is 62.
    Hes from Japan.
    He educationed in Waseda university.

  4. Masayoshi Son

    He is rich and great man.
    He's CEO of softbank company.
    Maybe He's busy everytime.

  5. Yukii2:30 pm

    Tadashi Yanai is great man. Because he is a billionaire and he's from Waseda.

  6. tomomi2:31 pm

    He is name akira mori.
    He is 74.
    He is real estate, inherited.
    He is the ceo of a real estate compamy.Residence Tokyo in Japan.
    He is Country of citizenship in Japan.
    Marital Status: Married
    Children: 3

  7. hitomi muraki2:31 pm

    Masayoshi son is the softbankpresident.
    He is 53years old.
    He is married.
    He has two children.
    He is from Tokyob in japan.

  8. Ryohei2:32 pm

    Son Masayoshi
    He is CEO of Softbank.He is Korean japanese.
    He is 53 and very rich man.
    He has a baseball team called Falks.
    He from Saga.
    I think he is smart and intelligent.

  9. Daiki yamamoto2:32 pm

    Masayoshi Son is CEO of softbank.
    He is Japanese and Korean.
    He is 53.
    He is married with two children.
    I supose he goot at golf.