Thursday, May 26, 2011

応用英吾I-2A 2011Chapter 3 Review

Hi everyone! Today we are going to review Chapter 3.
Illustration by Yuji Tachikawa. CC V1.0 Some rights reserved
First, let's review some vocabulary. Click this link: Inverted Eagle Chapter 3 Vocabulary.

Now let's read a great summary of Chapter 3 by Martina R., a student in Stuttgart, Germany:
Chapter 3 – The Hospital

The first lie: Judith told Ellie that she lied concerning the combination of the wall safe, she gave the numbers to Kevin. Because of her age, Judith forgot, that she also gave the combination to Miguel. After this, Ellie wanted to hear the whole story. Judith started to tell the story which had begun a month ago with the purchase of a beautiful stamp.

At the end of the conversation between Ellie and Judith Reed, Yokota, a colleague of Ellie, and Kevin entered the room. Ellie saw Kevin and she accused him of lying to her.

The next steps: Elle checked the stories of the involved people and wanted to search the house from the top to bottom.

After that, Ellie drove to the hospital where Evan and Nancy Reed were staying. Nancy was sleeping  and Even was telephoning someone with his cell phone. Ellie stopped in front of the door and tried to understand the call between Evan and the other person. The words (which) she heard were “Brian … investors …. excited about the project – to get money together”. Some / a few seconds after the  call, Ellie went into the room and introduced herself to the Reeds. Then she told the Reeds a part of her investigation. It was surprising, that Evan accused his son of committing the robbery, because the Reeds wanted that Kevin tried to find a job and they had informed him that they were stopping his monthly allowance. Later, Ellie asked the Reeds to describe the occurrences which happened last night separately?

At the end of the Chapter, Yokota called Ellie and told her that there might be a new motive ….

You can read Martina's entire review of  The Inverted Eagle on Karenne Sylvester's great blog Kalinago English.

Finally, please post a comment. Who do you think  dunit?


  1. Shimai Yutaka12:13 pm

    I think Kevin.
    Because he needs money.

  2. Kurumi12:14 pm


    I think Miguel.
    Because he is poor.

  3. I think that kevin did it. because he was too poor and fight with his father. And he has no positive element for the crime. so I think that kevin did it.

  4. Natsumi12:17 pm


    I think Kevin.
    Becouse he needs money and not smart.

  5. Yutska.O10:57 pm

    I'm yutaka.

    I think that criminal is Miguel.
    He was said move out Reed's house by Mrs.Reed.
    It made him angry.
    And he need momey,to lant the apartments.
    He have strong motives.