Sunday, May 08, 2011

Class Rules 2011

Well, another academic year has begun. Every year I negotiate the class rules with some of my classes. This year some of the rules are very interesting.

Some of my favourite rules for the students are:

  • We should make eye contact with each other
  • We shouldn't be shy
  • We should love Michael
  • We must always maintain a passionate attitude
  • We should laugh at the teacher's jokes
  • We should take pride in the things we do
I was especially impressed that the students seemed to understand my explanation about eye contact and why it was important. I was also very happy to know that they wanted to take pride in the things they do. I think that is very important. Finally, I hope it is easy for them to laugh at my jokes.

Some of my favourite rules for me are:
  • Our teacher must love us.
  • Our teacher must get in shape
  • Our teacher shouldn't lose weight
  • Our teacher should tell a joke every lesson
  • Our teacher should change his alarm sound
  • Our teacher must finish this class 3 minutes early
  • Our teacher should try to make explanations interesting
Many of the rules for me made me laugh. There was much laughter in all these first classes. I hope that there is always a lot of laughter in our classes. I think laughter is important.

I hope you'll leave a comment or a question.


  1. hitoshi10:02 pm

    mr.Stout are you online?

  2. Hi Hitoshi,
    I'm online now, but I've got a class in a minute. How can I help you?

  3. Hi Michael.
    I suggest five rule.

    We should speak loudly.
    We should study activity.
    We should enyoy.
    We must not be late for class.
    We must not sleep.

    Our teacher should be kind to us.
    Our teacher should tell us interesting talk.
    Our teacher should show pictures to us more.
    Our teacher should finish as soon as possible.
    Our teacher should not lose weight.

    I am looking forward to being taught English by Michael.