Monday, April 25, 2011

基礎英吾I-1 Basic English 1 Writing Lesson 2: Introduction to Brainstorming and Blogging

Hello Everyone!
Today we are going to learn about brainstorming (自己研鑽), and we'll learn about blogging. First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Togaku 英単 Set 3 Login in to Quizlet. Click "Learn". Study the words. After that you can play "Skatter" or "Space Race".
Now look at the picture below. The picture below is a mind map. A mind map is a great way to brainstorm. Now on an A4 size piece of paper make a mind map about you.

Now let's learn about blogging. Last night I sent you a message from Posterous. Please check your inbox now. Look at the picture below. Click the message from me. It's the highlighted message in the picture.

Next, open your e-mail. look at the picture below. Click the first link. Let's see our new group blog. I have posted on the blog. Please read the post.

Please write a comment on my post. Ask me a question.
Next, let's sign up for Twitter. After you sign in, please follow me. My twitter name is @mickstout.
Your homework is to write a self introductory post on our Posterous group blog. You can do it using Gmail, or on the web. Please post your self introduction by next Sunday at 6 pm.
Enjoy Golden Week!

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