Friday, October 29, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University Hallowe'en Party 2010

Hi everyone!
Yesterday we had a great party in the English Lounge. Fifty students came to the 5th annual Togaku Hallowe'en Party. Mr. Hardy was the host. We ate sweets. We drank pop, juice, and tea. We carved jack o' lanterns. We sang songs. We played games. It was a great party. I made a video of our party. The song that you can hear in the video was written and performed by my very good friend Marc Fedak. You can hear more of Marc's music on line. Please click this link: marc fedak on soundclick


  1. Anonymous2:35 am

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for using my tune on your video. It looks like you put a lot of effort into making your English as a second language courses interesting and introducing people in Japan to Canadian culture. It would be good if the pictures could be made larger (if the application you used allows that). Was that a Canucks jersey that you're wearing? If so, that's my second favourite NHL, and the one I usually end up rooting for in the playoffs (seeing that the Leafs haven't made it in recent years). Marc

  2. Hi Marc,
    Thanks for leaving a comment, and thanks for the compliment. However, I'm a bit mystified by your question regarding the hockey sweater. That isn't me! It's my colleague Darrell Hardy. He's from Vancouver. I would never wear any sweater other than a Leafs sweater...even if the Leafs are always the first to tee off every year.