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Shibaura Institute of Technology Writing 1B: Task 2 My Worst Experience - Best Experience

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Yesterday's class was great. Thank you. I'm sorry I was so disorganised at first. It was embarrassing.

Below you can see some examples of paragraphs wriiten by SIT students about their worst experiences. I have edited the paragraphs, so the grammar is correct. Enjoy!

Daichi H's Worst Experience

        When I was 11, I went to a skate park with my family. I enjoyed skating for a short time. Suddenly a child jumped in front of me. I avoided crashing, but I slipped. Unfortunately my leg broke. I suffered great pain. Fifteen minutes later,  I was carried to an ambulance and everyone looked at me with interest. I was very embarrassed. This is the worst experience in my life.

Fumihisa T's Worst Experience

        It was a snowy day when I was 16 years old. On my way to school, I was going to get on a train. In the train, there were many passengers. When I set foot in the train, due to the wet floor, I fell on my backside. Everybody in the train saw me. I was very ashamed and I blushed. I moved to another car. That was my worst experience.

Hiroaki K's Worst Experience

        When I was twenty years old, I went fishing in the river. When I jumped down, I fell in the river. I swam to the opposite bank, and crawled up from the river. I noticed that my trousers were torn. I returned to my house.  Since I was wet and my trousers were torn, I was very ashamed, until I got home.

Saki H's Worst Experience

        The worst experience of my life happened this spring. On the way to school, I was in the train. I tried to sit in a priority seat, because I had a stomachache. There were a lot of people in the train. An elderly lady asked me to give up the seat. I was perplexed because I didn’t know how to answer.  I was stared at by all the people around me. I felt that I was surrounded by people. I gave up the seat.  I gave it to the lady.

Have fun writing about your worst experiences. See you next Saturday!

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