Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shibaura Institute of Technology Writing 1B Task 3

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Hello everyone!

In today's class we reviewed organising paragraphs using time order and we learned how to organise paragraphs using order of importance. Your homework is to edit and rewrite Task 2. To see some good examples of Task 2 please click this link: Task 2. Below you can see some good examples of Task 3. Please don't forget that you can come to get help from in the Learning Support Center. Enjoy!

Why I decided to come to Shibaura

Hiroaki K.

          There are three reasons that I decided to come to Shibaura. First, Shibaura is the university that is the nearest to my house. Second, Shibaura corresponds to my scholastic attainments. Most importantly, there is a fishing circle at Shibaura. I like this school.

Fumihisa T.

     There are several reasons why I decided to come to Shibaura. First, there is a department of Mechanical Engineering. I wanted to get into this subject by all means because I want to become a plane mechanic. Second, Shibaura is in the metropolitan Tokyo area. Thanks to the location, it is easy to commute. The most important reason is that the rate of employment of Shibaura graduates is high. This is a very important thing. For these reasons, I decided to come to Shibaura.

Keisuke H.

     I chose Shibaura Institute of Technology for these reasons. First of all, The university has a racing team. I like to make things. The racing team doesn't just race cars. We produce an original car. Through this activity, I want to have a great experience and learn about the technology of cars. Second, this campus is built near Tokyo. We can get employment in the center of the capital. Finally, my department has a variety of experimental instruments. We can have a variety of experiences. I think that I made the right choice when I chose this university.

Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Job

Yuki M.

     There are four important things to consider when you choose a job. First, you should consider location. If the company is far, the commute is long. The second thing is the work’s quality. Quality of work is related to willingness to work. In addition, the company’s education environment is very important. I want the company’s education to enhance my skills. The most important thing is salary. Money makes me happy. So I will consider these four things when I choose a job.

Note to teachers reading this post: These paragraphs have been reformulated. If you would like to see the unreformulated versions please contact me.

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