Monday, April 23, 2012

Introduction to Business English 1A 2012 Lesson 3

Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice relaxing weekend. 
Please look at the picture on the right. Do you know this man? Who is he? How would you describe him?
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Finally, let's learn about former JAL CEO Haruka Nishimatsu. He was a very special man. Click the link to read about Haruka Nishimatsu, then post a comment. Describe Haruka Nishimatsu. What do you think of him?
Have a great week!   


  1. Hajime2:27 pm

    He earns less than a pilont of hisb company.
    His company is world top 1o arlines.
    He spends money likes regular person.

  2. Nanaho2:27 pm

    He was Japan airlines CEO.
    He was not rich.
    He ate lunch together his employees.
    He was hard worker.

  3. Erina2:29 pm

    He is really serious and fair to co-worker.
    I think that he is modest.
    I'd like to cheer him.

  4. Mayumi2:29 pm

    Haruka Nishimatsu is Japan airlines CEO.
    He earns less than a regular pilot of his company. I think that he is a hard warker.

  5. Shunjirou S.2:30 pm

    He cuts his pay for saving his compamny. So, for example, he must use bus, use same room with his coworkers, use the cafeteria with his employees. His pay is lower than other people who does same job.

  6. Izumi2:30 pm

    His name is Haruka Nishimatsu. He is Japan Airelins CEO. His desk is in an open-space with his coworkers. I think he doesn't high-hat.

  7. Rie I.2:31 pm

    HarukaNishimatsu is japan airelines CEO(world top10international airelines)who cuts his pay to save companycosts and impove revenue,and keep people employed.

  8. His name is Haruka Nishimatu.
    His job is CEO.
    He is very smart!
    He is very bussy.