Friday, April 20, 2012

応用英吾II-4 作文 Writing Lesson 2: Task 1 - Self Introduction E-mail

Today we are going to learn how to write an English e-mail.

First let's practice typing. Please click the link and play Air Typer . Next, let's review some vocabulary. Please click this link: Togaku 英単4.

The topic of our first writing task is self introduction (自己紹介). Let do a self introdcution tweet. Click the link: Follow the model below:

Hi, my name is Ichirou. I am 21 years old. I'm a Japanese uni student. Pls follow me #Togaku

Please don't forget the hashtag  - #Togaku . Click the link to learn about hash tags from wikipedia in Japanese.

Now let's start your first writing task.
Task 1: My Letter of Introduction is an e-mail. Look at the picture below. Click the picture to make it bigger. Format your e-mail like the image below.

Write an e-mail to me introducing yourself. Your e-mail should be at least 100 words. Send it to me by next Thursday 26th April.
Have fun writing

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