Wednesday, April 11, 2012

基礎英語1A Writing: Introduction to the course

Photo by Hakan Dahlstrom
Hello everyone. Today you will learn about the 1st year writing course. You will do almost all of your writing on a computer and you will use some websites too. Here's what will do today:
  1. Get to know your classmates and teacher
  2. Create a new Google account. Please clink the link.
  3. Subscribe to this blog (~のブログを定期的に購読する). 
  4. Learn about our stamp card for independent learning.
  5. Sign up for Quizlet. Please click the link.
  6. Use Quizlet for vocabulary study
  7. Sign up for Twitter. Please click the link.
  8. Post a "tweet"
  9. Make some class rules
  10. Make a comment on this blog (コメント投稿法.)
Please look at the image below. This is a stamp card from one of my students last year. It is an example of a great stamp card. She fill the whole card with stamps! You can too!


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