Tuesday, April 17, 2012

英語総合1A Global Issues 2012 Unit 1: Identity

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to start our first unit - Identity
First, let's learn some vocabulary. Please click the link: 英語総合1A Unit 1 Identity Vocabulary. Now scan Unit 1 in your textbook and add words that you do not know to the flashcard set.

Now look at the image below. What is it?

What information is printed on the image?

Now look at the study guide
Now let's do the other tasks in your textbook.

Finally, let's watch a video. This is a video conversation between Sarah of the Daily English Show and a man called Achille. Achille was born in Quebec. Therefore, his mother tongue was French. He moved to the United States. Achille's experience was very interesting.
Watch the video. What do you think of Achille's experience? How do you think you would feel if your second language became your main language and you were unable to express yourself easily in your mother tongue? Post your answer as a comment below.
Click this link to watch the video: http://youtu.be/ateaGrz-yXQ

Please review this lesson at home and study the vocabulary using Quizlet.
Have a great week. See you next Tuesday!


  1. Yosiharu M9:53 am

    It is hard for me to listen to the homework video.
    That the answer is [How do you learn ?] is difficult in
    I am good at reading English but I do not like to listen to English.

    I must study English because I get a high score in listening test.

    1. Hello Yoshiharu,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I understand that it can be difficult to listen to spoken English. If you come to the English Learning Support Room during 4th or 5th period next Tuesday, we can do listen to the video together. see you next Tuesday!

  2. Tsubasa W.3:29 pm

    I know that Achille doesn't know how to learn so he listen to his mother.
    I didn't understand about contents of his talk at first but I can listen his talk sometimes at twice.
    I want to listen to English little by little.

  3. Takuma Y10:20 pm

    I didn't understand homework video.
    After this I want to increase time to study English.

  4. yukihiro M2:37 pm

    It is difficult for me.
    I can't understand this homework video.
    I want to study English more.

  5. Yuta I2:45 pm

    I thought that the persons in this video were fluent in English.
    I want to speak English like them.
    So I have decided to learn English harder.

  6. Asuka A3:03 pm

    That homework video was difficult to me because I had not touched English for a long time. But I would like to do my best , in order to develop power of English in this class.

  7. Kyosuke M5:14 pm

    I thought that the homework is difficult. I couldn't hear the animated film.
    so I must actively listen to English.
    Finally, The woman who is on TV is attractive.

  8. Yatsu R5:18 pm

    Mr stout.
    I thought it is difficult for me to understand the video.
    I should listen to English more.

  9. Keita N7:04 pm

    This homework video is too difficult for me.
    I want to study English harder.
    I try to get good grade.

  10. Kazunari U8:37 pm

    This homework video is difficult to me. But I understand many times by listening.
    I do not have to study more in order to get a listn with fewer

  11. Hiroshi S10:59 pm

    I could not understand the contents of the videos of youtube because it is not good at English.

    I think it is not through mother tongue, and will have a hard time is very difficult. And, I felt compelled to study a second language.

  12. Eiji K12:10 am

    This homework video was difficult for me.

    I think that very suffering.
    but I want to be able to speak in second language to study hard.

  13. Shota M12:18 am

    I think Achille's experience is very difficult.
    Because It is not easy to make second language into a native language.
    If my second language became my main language and I was unable to express myself easily in my mother tongue,it will learn second language very hard.

  14. Natsumi U12:56 am

    I can hear a word but I cannot understand a sentence meaning.
    I want make progress in English.

  15. takeshi T1:00 am

    I watch and consider the video,I think Achille's experience is very hard. And I think using language is very important. Because using language improve this language skill,but not using language degrade language skill. If I became the same situation, I escape to study language.

  16. Tatsuo Y1:36 am

    This homework video is difficult to my listening skill.
    To understand the contents of that story, want to do my best again.

  17. Kentarou T2:39 am

    He went through a hard experience that he said goodbye to the motherland.But his experience is valuable.Early exposure to English bring in advantage of mastering English.

    English becoming my main language is inconvenience.But my English will improve quickly.And I can communicate with people of numerous countries.Expressing myself will be ease someday.

  18. Wow! Almost everyone felt that the homework was too difficult. I'm sorry.
    Cut and paste the link in your browser to read some comment's about Achille from last year's students: http://mrstoutsblog.blogspot.jp/2011/05/1a-global-issues-unit-1-identity.html

  19. Akihiro k.8:38 am

    I think own main language is very treasure.
    So I think he spent hard childhood.
    If I become he , I stay at home everyday.

  20. shoji O8:38 am

    It is so difficult.

  21. Daisuke O8:46 am

    Learning two language is difficult to me.
    I think his experience is great but hard.

  22. Kenta A8:51 am

    This homework video was too difficult for me.
    I want to understand this so that I think that should listen to English more.

  23. Yuya N8:52 am

    This homework is difficult.I want to understand next homework.

  24. kousuke H.8:54 am

    This video was very difficult for me, but I study words so I can understand this story.

  25. takazumi O.8:54 am

    I don't think that I want to live foreign country.
    Because I can't speak for foreign language.

  26. Yuya N8:57 am

    This homework is difficult foe me.I want to understand difficult English.

  27. kousuke H.8:58 am

    This story is very difficult for me, but I study English words so I can little understand this story.

  28. keita8:59 am

    this is very difficult.

  29. Masafumi K9:04 am

    This homework is difficult for me.

  30. Keiho.N9:35 am

    I don't know that this story .

    So,I study very hard.