Tuesday, April 24, 2012

英語総合1A Global Issues 2012 Unit 2: Values

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to start the second unit of our textbook. The topic of Unit 2 is values. Look at the image above. Which of these values are important to you. Choose three. 
Now look at the study guide below. Study the key vocabulary. Let's learn the vocabulary using Quizlet. Please click the link: 英語総合1A VocabularyNow scan Unit 2 in your textbook and add words that you do not know to the flashcard set.
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Now let's do the tasks in the textbook. Your first assignment is in the document above. It's due next week.
See you!


  1. Hi! I'm Vicky Saumell from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I'm also a teacher of English!

    My two chosen values are:
    RESPECT > Respect for yourself and others. Respect for all cultures, races, opinions. Respect for what is different. I think respect leads to tolerance.
    LOVE > Love for what you do, for yourself and others, for people, animals, the planet. All you need is love!
    I'm not sure they are specifically related to my culture, I think they are universal.


  2. Goodmorning Everyone! I'm Alonzo from San Francisco, California. I've been in Japan for almost 10 years now. I'm married with two children and I live in Fukuoka City. I'm a university professor at Fukuoka University and Kyushu Sangyo University.

    The values I choose are learning, self-determination and resourcefulness. I firmly believe that we are all life long learners and that no knows everything about everything. We all have something to share and learn from one another. I love learning from others about values, culture and things that I do not understand. Learning constantly makes life interesting for me.

    Self-determination is a value that I believe drives the human soul and gives us the power and willfulness to succeed in our daily lives. Having confidence in ones ability and resourcefulness gives us the opportunity to constantly seek out the things that will make us feel that we have achieved what we have set out to do. A clear outlined plan will allow us to work towards our goals little by little in a focused manner.

    Hope this makes sense. Enjoy your day and class!

    Alonzo R. Williams
    Kyushu Sangyo & Fukuoka University

  3. Hi, guys.

    I'm Carla Arena, an English teacher in Brasilia, Brazil.

    From the list, I could choose many values, but I will stick to

    Respect - being respectful of other people's opinions, ideas and choices is an essential element to generate kindness, understand and tolerance towards differences.

    Love is a powerful driving force that makes us believe that we can do and be whatever we set ourselves for. I'm all for this feeling of love, passion in everything you do.

    Well, have a great day and I'd love to know what your main values are.

    Cheers from hot Brasilia,

  4. Hello Global Issues 2012 students, M. Stout, and others. My name is Chris P. Madden, and I just moved to Toronto, Canada after 9 years in Japan. My two chosen values are the seemingly antipodal "Self respect" and "Selflessness". I chose them because i believe that to have the useful type of selflessness, wherein one can be of great service to the people in their life, you must also have self respect. For example, a great teacher must do lots of extra work outside the classroom, donating time, energy and attention to their students (selflessness), but if they do NOT have the self respect to get enough sleep, eat properly, and have adequate stress-release, then eventually they will burn out, lose interest, and otherwise become unhappy or resentful.
    Cheers and blessings from a freezing cold Toronto,
    Chris P.

  5. Hello Mr. Stout's students,

    My name is Ronaldo Lima Jr and I'm an English teacher in Brasilia, Brazil. I wanted to choose many of the values above, but the three that stood out for me were achievement, determination and acceptance. The two first ones are a little overlapping in my opinion in the sense that if you have determination, you will probably achieve a lot. I believe Brazilians are very determined and many times are able to change their lives because of determination. Acceptance also stood out for me probably due to the cultural-social-racial mixture we have in here in Brazil, which makes "acceptance" and easy value for us to follow/pursue.

  6. Love probably transcends them all - but the word love in English is very broad in its meaning and encompasses the Greek philia, eros and agape.


    And a third that isn't on there - compassion. Compassion is a combination of justice, kindness and taking responsibility upon yourself to do something.

    Nice task Mr Stout.

  7. Why is Kindness so small!!!!! Let's bring back kindness.

    Forget selfish love. Forget look at me responsibility. Kindness heals all, helps all in its quiet way.

    An old Jewish lady once told me "Doesn't cost a nickle to be kind" So true. Kindness is an everyday thing, No grand, not a show off, it just is the most valuable. I want to live where people are kind - never met kind people that kill but met many who would kill in the name of loving X or to show compassion for Y.


  8. Marina5:50 pm

    Love and self-determination are most important to me.

    Objects of love are various.
    For example,self,family,boyfriend,teacher,bestfriend,nation,
    religion,school,animal,plant,and the earth etc...

    Love doesn't support only people around me but myself.
    And it links to belief and respect.
    Furthermore,it makes people stronger.

    Self-determination becomes a force to live happily.
    It's also essential to heighten a motivation to do something.

  9. Anonymous8:29 am

    Love and sincerity are very important for me.

    Love makes me happy and gives me living life. I love music and playing instruments. These make my life powerful.

    Sincerity is as important as love.Because it help me get trust of others. Trust gives me fullfillment.

  10. Taichi11:43 am

    Love and peace are important for me.

    Peace is the most important. If there is no peace, we can't have really happiness.

    And to make peace, we need to love other people.