Friday, April 13, 2012

応用英吾II-4 作文 Writing Introduction to the course

Hello everyone! Welcome to 応用英吾II-4 作文.
Today we will learn about this course.  You will do almost all of your writing on a computer and you will use some websites too. Here's what will do today:

  1. Get to know your classmates and teacher
  2. Subscribe to this blog (~のブログを定期的に購読する). 
  3. Sign up for Quizlet. Please click the link.
  4. Use Quizlet for vocabulary study
  5. Sign up for Twitter. Please click the link.
  6. Post a "tweet"
  7. Look at our textbook
  8. Make a comment on this blog (コメント投稿法.)

The textbook we will use is Writing from Within Intro. You can see a picture of the textbook above. Writing from Within Intro was written by Curtis Kelly and Arlen Gargagliano. Curtis Kelly is my friend. You can see a picture of him below.

I have used Writing from Within Intro before. You can see some of my former student's work. Click this link: Students write about their special places.

OK, let's take a look at the textbook now.
Now, please post a comment.
Finally, let's practice typing with a fun game called Qwerty Warriors

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