Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語I-3B Writing Lesson 1

Hello everybody! Welcome to the first 応用英語I-3B Writing class. Today we will learn:

* How to subscribe to this blog
* How to register for
* How to use
* How to write a blog post

You can see the textbook in the picture below. Our textbook was written by two great teachers called Curtis Kelly and Arlen Gargagliano. You can read a message from Curtis and Arlen. Look for the message near the end of the comments.

© 2004 CUP

Now look below. This is our course outline.

You must type your writing tasks in this class. Let's practice typing with a fun game called Qwerty Warriors

You must also review vocabulary, and learn new vocabulary too. You can do this with online flashcards. Let's go to an online flashcard website called Click this link:
Next, please click this link: Class Rules. Read the post. Post a comment.

That's all for today. See you next week!

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