Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語1-3B Writing Unit 5: My Seal Part 2

Hello everyone,
Today we continue working on our first writing task: My Seal.
First, let's study some vocabulary. Click this link: 基礎英語ステップ1. Do 2 iKnow lessons.
Now let's practice typing: Click this link: Qwerty Warriors. Click "Play". Select "medium". Play the game two times.
Now let's look at some paragraph's written by Shibaura Institute of Technology students.

Read Akihito's paragraph about his seal and answer the questions below.

Akihito's Seal

My seal has three symbols: a bird, planets, a cross and a die. The bird is in the center. It represents my hope because a bird is free and can go everywhere. I want to be free and go everywhere. Above the bird there are planets. They represent the places where I have not been. I want to travel to various places and find new things. Below the bird there is a die and a cross. They represents my way of thinking about science. They express Albert Einstein’s words, “”God does not throw dice with the universe" [神は宇宙とサイコロを再生されません。]. I really like science and I want to be a person who says aphorisms [格言] like this.

  1. What are the three symbols in Akihito's seal?
  2. What do the symbols represent?

Next, read Masako's paragraph about her seal. Then, draw Masako's seal.

Masako's Seal

             My seal has four symbols: a softball, a musical note, five stars, and a cat. The five stars are in the center. They represent my home country’s national flag. They represent China. My mother is Chinese, and my father is Japanese. Above the five stars on the right upper side there is a cat. It represents that I like animals, and especially I like cats. I think cats are really cute, and smart. Under the cat there is a musical note. It represents that I am a member of a rock band. I like rock music very much, and I also like heavy metal. Of course, I like J-pops too. Above the stars on the left there is a softball. It represents that I belong to a softball club, and I really like sports.

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