Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語I-3B Writing Unit 5: My Seal Part 1

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to start our first writing task: My Seal. Look at the picture below.  The picture is the Great Seal of Canada. In the middle of the Great Seal of Canada you can see the Queen. The Queen represents Canada. She is a symbol (事物の象徴[を表す記号]) of Canada.

Look at the picture below. You will design a seal and write a paragraph about it.
Writing from Within Intro p.47 ©2004 CUP

First, let's study some vocabulary. Click this link: 基礎英語ステップ1. Do 2 iKnow lessons.
Now let's practice typing: Click this link: Qwerty Warriors. Click "Play". Select "medium". Play the game two times.

Now let's get started. Open your books to page 44.
Finally, please post a comment below. Tell me about your plans for the holiday on tomorrow.


  1. YOU SUI4:12 pm

    tomorrow ,I want go shibuya have a date.and go to the akihabara shopping,buy my like PCgame.

  2. Miyuka N.4:13 pm

    I'm go shopping in shibuya.

  3. HIdeaki.K4:14 pm

    I will play table tennis tomorrow

  4. Ryota A4:15 pm

    go to a part-time job,

  5. haruka eto4:15 pm

    I play with a friend.

  6. Syunsuke H4:16 pm

    I will go city tomorrow.

  7. Megumi.O4:16 pm

    I will be a part-time job tomorrow.

  8. Takumi Sato4:16 pm

    I go to donnkihote.
    I play soccer.

  9. Kousei Azuma4:16 pm

    Horidy pran, I pjay basketball and shopping in a Tokyo.

  10. Kaname.Isogai4:21 pm

    Holiday plan
    I'm going to Shopping in Shibuya.
    I will have a happy time.

  11. Rie.T5:58 pm

    I went to job meeting And, playing with my friend in Shibuya.