Friday, September 24, 2010

応用英語1-2B Reading Lesson 2: Death on U Street Chapter 1

Hello everyone! Today we start reading our exciting story, Death on U Street.

Illustration by Yuji Tachikawa. Abax. Some rights reserved

In today's lesson we will:
  • Learn about the real U Street
  • Learn some crime story vocabulary
  • Read chapter 1:  The Victim
  • Learn why there are fingerprints over the text in the story
  • Learn how to use the Detective's Notebook
  • Answer the Chapter 1 puzzle

OK, let's learn about U Street.
U Street is the main street in a neighbourhood in Washington D.C in the United States. Look at the picture below.

Uploaded to wikipedia by  AgnosticPreachersKid

The U Street neighbourhood is a large African American community. The famous jazz artist Duke Ellington lived there. Look at the picture below. You can see a painting of Duke Ellington on the building.

Uploaded by Audeviver to wikipedia. Some rights reserved
You can learn more about U Street from wikipedia. Click the link: U Street Corridor

OK, now let's learn some vocabulary. Click this link: 応用英語1-2B Reading.

Next, let's open our textbook to page 79. Let's learn about the Detective's Notebook and let's read the story.
Your homework is to finish reading Chapter 1 and do the puzzle. Next week we'll have the first quiz.

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