Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Toyo Gakuen University 応用英語I-3A Writing Lesson 1

Hello everybody! Welcome to the first 応用英語I-3A Writing class. Today we will learn:
  • How to subscribe to this blog
  • How to register for
  • How to use
  • How to write a blog post
Also, today I will give you the course syllabus and show you the textbook. The textbook we will use is Writing from Within Intro. You can see a picture of the textbook above. Writing from Within Intro was written by Curtis Kelly and Arlen Gargagliano. Curtis Kelly is my friend. You can see a picture of him below.

I have used Writing from Within Intro before. You can see some of my former student's work. Click this link: Students write about their special places.

OK, let's take a look at the textbook now.
Now, please post a comment.
Finally, let's practice typing with a fun game called Qwerty Warriors


  1. Ai O.4:01 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout
    Major International Communication
    Interests Shopping!


  2. Rie T.4:01 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout

    Major International communication.

    Interests lesteling music.


  3. Shogo K.4:09 pm

    Dear Mr.stout
    My Name is Shogo K.
    My major is international business
    My Interests is listen to music
    Best regards,
    Shogo K.

  4. Tatsuya.M4:09 pm

    Dear Mr.STOUT
    My name is Tatsuya Matsumura.
    My mejor is International Business.
    I like baskball.
    I am interests in darts and biriyard.

  5. Misato N.4:09 pm

    Dear Mr. Stout,
    I'm Misato. My major is International Business. My interest is swimming.
    Best regards,

  6. Atsuko K.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout,
    My name is Atsuko.
    My major is International Business.
    My intrerest is shopping.
    Best regards Atsuko.

  7. Manae H.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr,Stout.
    My name is Manae.
    My major is International business.
    My interest is shopping.
    Best regards Manae.

  8. syunsuke4:10 pm

    Dear Mr stout
    My name is syunsuke
    majoy is interenational communition
    My interests is tennis

  9. Aya.S4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.stout.
    My name is Aya Sasahara
    My Major is Internationl business
    My Interests

  10. Dear Mr.stout
    Myname is Mio
    My major kokusaikomyunike-shon
    My interest is listen to music

  11. Masami4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout
    My name is Masami
    My major is kokusaikomyunike-shon
    My interest is sport

  12. Syou S.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout.
    My name is Syou Sakurai.
    My major is International Communication.
    My Interests a music.

  13. Tomoro A.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout,
    I`m Tomoro Azuma.
    My Major is International Communications.
    My intrests is watch the DVD.

  14. Kazuki K4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.stout
    My name is Kazuki koike
    My major is internationaru business
    My interests is Guiter and Bass pley

  15. Rie T.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout

    I am Rie.

    My Major is International communication.

    My interests is listening music.


  16. Ai O.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout

    I am Ai.
    My major is International communication.
    My interests is shopping!!


  17. Akira I4:10 pm

    Dear Mr,Stout
    My name is Akira
    My Major is cultural a department
    My interests read a book

  18. hirotaka4:10 pm

    dear Mr.stout,
    My name is Hirotaka.
    My major is Internationaru Busienss.
    My Interests is Tennis.

  19. Kaname.I4:10 pm

    my name is kaname
    my major is international busienss
    my interests snowboad drive

  20. aya y4:10 pm

    Dare Mr Stout
    My name is aya yasutomi
    My major is inter national business
    My interests is volly ball

    Best regards aya

  21. Moe Y.4:10 pm

    I'm Moe.
    My Major is Humanities.
    My interest is music.

    Best regards,Moe

  22. Kzuto K.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout,

    My name is Kazuto.K.
    My major is jinnbungakubu ningenkagakugakka.
    My interests playing tennis.

  23. Youhei O.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout

    My name is Youhei O.
    My major is international business.
    My Interests is listen to music.
    Best regards,

    Youhei O.

  24. Kohei O.4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout.
    My name is Kohei Oda.
    My Major is International Business.
    My interest sports is soccer.

  25. Mayumi K4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.Stout
    My is Mayumi K.
    My Major is International Communication.
    My Interests is sports.

  26. Reika S4:10 pm

    Dear Mr.stout
    Name My name is Reika
    Major My major is International comunication
    Interests My interests is cooking

  27. Marina K.4:11 pm

    Dear Mr,Stout

    My department is humanities department.
    My subject is an international communication subject.

    My Interrest is dance.

  28. Yuichi T4:11 pm

    Dear Mr.stout

    My name is Yuichi.
    My major is international Business.
    My interests is music.

  29. Ryouhei4:14 pm

    Dear Mr,Stout
    My name is Ryouhei
    My Major is international comunication
    My interest is watching TV
    Best regards,Ryouhei

  30. Hi Mr Stout and Toyo students,

    I am Curtis Kelly, one of the authors of your textbook. It's nice to see your writing and I'm happy you have such a devoted teacher.

    I hope to see more of your writing in the future.

    Curtis Kelly, Kansai University

  31. Hi Mr. Stout and Toyo students,
    Greetings from New York! I am so happy to see your writing,too. I enjoy reading your interests. Thank you for sharing them.Keep writing!

    Thank you Mr. Stout, and all the best to you and your students.

    Warm regards,
    Arlen Gargagliano, Westchester Community College, New York

  32. I'm lucky to have a friend like Stout sensei. I'm sure you feel lucky to have him as a teacher too. Please feel free to send me your writing anytime. I'd love to see it.

    Curtis Kelly