Thursday, May 01, 2014

Writing 2 Spring 2014 Week 2: Expressing an opinion

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Hello everyone, Today we are going to learn about expressing an opinion. Your first writing task will be to write a paragraph expressing an opinion about a topic of your choice.

First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Academic Word List.

Students in Daniel Ferrara's class at International Christian University (ICU) are blogging. Each student has their own blog. Would you like to have your own blog?

Let's look at some blog posts by ICU students. Please choose one blog post and click the link. Then read the post and leave a comment.

"ICU as a hybrid Institution" by Yuri Tami
"Education is..." by Nozomi Koizumi 
"The limits of locavorism" by Mai Ingawa
"Japan's population crisis" by Ikumi Tanaka
"Human beings are the only intelligent life in the universe?" by Naoki Fukushima
"Three things we know about how the brain works" by Kentaro Nakao
"What are trans fats anyway and why are they so bad?" by Arisa Shiokawa
"Is imprisonment a necessary system for dealing with all criminal acts?" by Nakamura Kenta
"Never to old to learn" by Konomi Sano
"Democracy is the best form of government" by Takahiro Takizawa

We'll continue learning how to express an opinion in English next week. Have a great Golden Week!

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