Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Integrated English I for Art & Design Majors (Class B) and Life and Environmental Science Majors (Class C1): Week 2: Chapter 1 review and Quiz 1

Hello everyone!
Today we are going to take the first quiz. Before we do that, let's review. Please click the link: Inverted Eagle Crime Talk Vocabulary. Please do the Quizlet test. Do the test. Next, please look at the image below.

This image is a "mind map" Click the link to read a Japanese explanation of mind maps. The mind map above explains the scene of the crime in the Inverted Eagle. Look at the mind map. Make sentences based on the information in the mind map. Write the sentences in your Detective's Notebook on p. 5 in section E. Initial Observations. Look at the examples below:

  • Sometime before 9am, a robbery occurred.
  • The robbery occurred at the Reeds' House
  • There was also a drugging.
  • There was almost a murder.

OK, let's review the answers to the Chapter 1 puzzle, then we'll take the quiz.

Now let's learn some vocabulary for Chapter 2. Please click the link: Inverted Eagle Chapter 2.
Finally, please read Chapter 2, do the tasks including the puzzle, and make notes in your Detective's Notebook. We will have the Chapter 2 Quiz next lesson.

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