Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Presentation 2 Spring 2014 Week 5: Introduction to Voicethread

Hello everyone,
Today we are finally ready to start making our Voicethread presentations, but first we need to register for VoiceThread. Please click the link: Register a new account. After you have registered please watch this video: What's a Voicethread Anyway?

I have created a group for us on Voicethread. Please click the link to join the group: Tsukuba Dai Presentation II Spring 2014.

Now, lets learn how to comment. Please watch the Voicethread presentation below. After that please make a comment and ask a question on each slide. To make a comment, first type out your comment using a word processor such as Microsoft Word. Then click "Comment", and then click type. Copy and pate your comment into the text box. After that, click "Record". Read your comment out loud, and record it. Listen to your recording. If you like it, move on to the next slide. If you don't like it, re-record your comment.

Now class we will upload our slides to Voicethread.
See you!

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