Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Writing 1 Spring 2014 Week 4: Organising information by time

Time Hello everyone, today we are going to start our next assignment. Your assignment will be a time order paragraph. First, let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: Academic Word List.

Now let's post our first assignments to our class blog. First, you will need to create a Google account. Then send me a message using gmail, so I can add you as an author on our class blog. After that you can post your first assignment. Please click the link to see previous posts by University of Tsukuba students: The University of Tsukuba Academic Writing Blog. After you have posted your assignment you should read one of your class mate's posts and comment on it.
Finally, don't forget that the first draught of your second assignment is due next Tuesday. Your second assignment is to write a paragraph about either your best experience or your worst experience. You can read some examples of paragraphs about best and worst experiences by clicking the link.
Enjoy writing!

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