Monday, October 22, 2012

The University of Tsukuba IE Phys. Ed B3 Week 7

Hello everyone,
Today we are going to read about Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Jackie Joyner Kersee was an Olympic athlete. She had to overcome a health problem (病気を克服する) - asthma (喘息). You can read a Japanese wikipedia article about Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Now let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: IE PhysEd B3 Vocabulary. Do you know any athletes that have had to overcome a challenge (試練を乗り越える)? Please post a comment below.


  1. chisato4:29 pm

    Yes,I do.
    One soccer plaer lost her mother.
    But, she scored a goal next day.
    She said, "Offer this goal for my mother."

  2. kengo4:29 pm

    Lionel Messi was the disease that hormone balance had bad,but he got over it.

  3. kenta4:29 pm

    I know Usain Bolt has illness.
    But he got olympics gold medal and new world recode.

  4. Hiroki4:29 pm

    I know Daisuke.Matsuzaka who plays baseball in MLB.He was injured in his elbow.He had an operation.He pitches a ball now.

  5. Tomohito SATO4:29 pm

    Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius is is a South African sprint runner. He has double below-knee amputations. However he took part in Paralympics and Olympic.

  6. Takehito4:29 pm

    Yes,I do.
    I have had to overcome a challenge too.
    Overcome a challenge is very difficult.

  7. kunii4:29 pm

    In April 2001, Joyner-Kersee was voted the "Top Woman Collegiate Athlete of the Past 25 Years." The vote was conducted among the 976 NCAA member schools.I surprised.

  8. I know Toru SUZUKI who has an artificul leg.
    He is a high jumper. And he participated in the Paralympic.

  9. Yukino4:30 pm

    I know a man who play high jump without his one foot. His name is Toru Suzuki. He had played handball, but he was injured in transportation accident.He has played higt jump since he was a
    university student. (He is graduate of Tsukuba university!)

  10. Naoki Motomura4:30 pm

    I know Daisuke O-hata.
    He Has a lot of injuries.
    But he never give up!

  11. yes I do.
    His name is Masumi Kuwata.
    He had overcomed from elbowhert.

  12. Takumi4:31 pm

    Yes,I do.
    I know Tomonori Maeda.
    He is a good baseball player.
    1995,he was injured.
    But he had overcome a challenge.

  13. Fusako4:31 pm

    Hagiwara Tomoko overcame endometriosis and ovariancystoma at 2011.

    She is top swimmer of Japan.

  14. Ryutarou Hitomi4:32 pm

    I know any athletes that have had to overcome a challenge.It is Homare Sawa. She was captain in Nadeshiko Japan. But she resigned captain because she was a mental blow. Now, she come back pitch!!

  15. Kotowaw4:32 pm

    Oscar Pistorius is runnner.
    He hasn't his both legs.
    But he participated not the Pralympics but the Olympics with artificial legs.
    He gave people of the world courage and impression.

  16. I think that she is real athlete because She had overcame a health problem.
    she is very strong,
    so,I want to be like her.

  17. Serena Williams did.
    She is from America and a good tennis player.
    She was injured knee.
    She is the winner from ranking of the world 81 place.

  18. Tsukasa4:33 pm

    I know Yu Koshikawa .
    He is a volleyball player and he hurt his knee on the pekin olympic.
    But,he had a operation and return.

  19. Ryoma4:34 pm

    Do you know Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius?
    He is a 400m Olympic athlete who has artificial legs.
    He aimed to join the Beijing Olympic Game, but IAAF rejected.

    He sued about it, and finally, He could join the London Olympic.

  20. Keisuke4:39 pm

    Oscar Pistorius is sprint runner,who has artificial foots. He don't have double below knee,so he participated Paralympics. But he meet the Olympic "A" standard, so he participated London Olympics games.He is great sprinter.

  21. Do you know Kiyohara? He was baseball player. He is a vary good batsman. He broken his leg. But he reeducated vary hard. And he regain.

  22. Matui hideki is a baseball player. he broke a wrist when he made a sliding catch. But he did not resign. he returned from an injury. he got MVP. I respect him.

  23. Kazuki11:22 pm

    I know Mao Asada.
    She is a skater.
    Her mother died just before the convention.She felt sad very much.
    But,she overcame it and won the victory in the convention.
    She is a very strong woman.

  24. Ryota1:00 am

    I know Daisuke Tkahashi.
    He is figure skater.
    He injured his right leg in practce.
    But He overcame his injury, and he got bronze medal in Olympic.

  25. Daisuke2:20 pm

    I will tell you about professional table tennis player,Natalia Pal Thika.She does not have a right elbow to the bottom by nature.
    However, she overcame such a handicap and participated in Beijing Olympic Games and the London Olympic Games.
    I respect her and thank to be able to enjoy my favorite sports carefree.

  26. YUKITO2:25 pm

    I know Hiroyuki Kokubo.
    He belonged Softbank Hokus.
    He had some injury ,but
    he overcome it.
    so,he hit 2000hits !!

  27. Tatsuki3:15 pm

    I know Karina Maruyama.
    She is a woman soccer player.
    She was injured about one year before the world cup.
    But she came back to the ground and got the silver medal.

  28. Atsushi3:15 pm

    I know Daisuke Matsuzaka.
    He had overcomed elbowhert.

  29. masato3:16 pm

    Ⅰknow Akahoshi Norihiro.
    He is a baseball men can run very fast,but he has neck desease.
    so,he can get over .