Monday, October 22, 2012

The University of Tsukuba CE Humanities A Week 7

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a great week-end.
Today we are going to talk about individualism.
People who believe in individualism are individualists. Individualists value independence and self-reliance (自力本願、自立、自己依存、独立独歩、自信). Let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link: CE-Humanities A Vocabulary.
You can read a Japanese wikipedia article about individualism.
Do you consider yourself to be more individualist or more collectivist? Please post a comment below.


  1. Yuki.I10:27 am

    I think I'm a more individualist.
    There are some reasons.
    First, I usually take action by myself.
    I seldom talk about what to do next with other people.
    I made plans by myself and only follow the plan.
    Second, It's hard for me to join so many people.
    I usually tired when I go to a place
    where they talk each other.
    Of course, I like to talk with people,
    but one-on-one is better.
    But I'm not a strong individualist,
    so to be more individualist or collectivist
    depends on the situation.

  2. Yuka.F11:50 am

    According to our text, I am a strong individualist. I agree to this.
    First,I prefer to work and study alone.
    Second, I don't worry about being different from others.
    Everyone differ from others.So,being different is natural,I think.
    Third,I really need time to be alone and to think blankly.
    If I can't have this,I will be sick.
    So,I think I am a strong individualist.

  3. I consider myself to be more individualist.
    There are two reason about this.
    First, I often want to my own time
    In the time, I want to go shopping,study homework, use the Internet and so on.
    Second, When I am alone,I’m sometimes more relax , because I can be carelessness.

  4. Masako.S2:56 pm

    I think I'm more collectivist because I can't tell my opinion at the large meeting and I always follow others.
    But I want to be more individualist.
    When I wanted to tell something at the meeting, I didn't say anything. I regreted that.
    So I'm more collectivist now, however, I want to be more individualist.

  5. Akiho.T5:10 pm

    According to the test done at the last class, I am a individualist.I think this result is somewhat true. But, as many people are so, I have both aspects of indivisualists and collectivists.
    First, I little have the same image as a egoist for a indivisualist, but from the article of wikipedia, I learned that individualist is a person who can also respect others.

  6. Arisa.I1:19 am

    I think that I'm a little individualist. I always decide by myself. I don't check with otherd before make decision, but do it so after make decision. By the situation, I sometimes change my decision.
    It is important to become independent, but adapting myself to others is as important as that in Japan. I think the most important is a balance between individualism and collectivism.

  7. Kohei2:16 am

    I think I am neither an individualist nor a collectivist.
    According to the Wikipedia ,an individualist should understand other think.
    I like to take actions by myself ,but I do not do so.
    I am the ordinary person who likes alone.

  8. Sayaka.M5:13 pm

    According the text, I'm a strong individualist and I think so.
    I'ts hard for me to follow advice from others.
    Moreover I like the time to be alone.
    But I want to care about respecting others.
    I'm self-assertive but want not to be selfish.

  9. Eishi. K6:11 pm

    I think I am an individualist. There are two reasons.
    First, I like to think by myself, so I don’t want to listen to others’ ideas.
    Second, I want to do things with only my own effort, because the result of the thing is up to me. If it was failed, I should take the responsibility. If it was succeed, I could get the fame.
    However, I cannot live alone. I NEED supports by many people. I NEED friends.

  10. Chihiron8:57 pm

    I think i am an individualist. I like choosing something people around me do not choose.
    I want everyone to tell me from a lot of people.

  11. I think I'm both an individualist and collectivist. I like thinking by myself but I don't tell all my thought.I'm afraid of being felt I'm wrong by others.So,I often go along with others.For us,it is necessary to be both.It depends on any situations.
    In my case,I only avoid doing what I can't but I think we should be able to be decisive.

  12. Keisuke.I11:38 pm

    I consider myself to be a little more individualist. I prefer to syudy by myself. I also prefer to work by myself. BUt I can never enjoy being different. And I often check with others before making dicisions.
    I think everyone has both aspect of individualist and collectivist.

  13. S.Arai12:27 am

    According to the test in the text, I am a collectivist. Surely I also think myself as a collectivist. I usually put harmony before my claim in a group. People may say that my character is like a conventional Japanese.
    Of course, I have my opinion contrary to my silence, so I always want to study, give a presentation and so on by myself.
    As recent trend in Japan, people say Japanese should be more individualist. However, I want to claim that "wa", harmony, is one of the most important concept to discribe Japanese modesty.

  14. Sayaka.H12:38 am

    I think that I am individualism.
    According to the text, I was collectivism, but I think it depens on the situation.
    About things I don't care about and things not being self-confidence, I rely on others.
    I like to talk with other people, but I want time of the oneself on a day.

  15. Miyu . K2:06 am

    I was a strong collectivist because I always followed others.
    Although I always think the atmosphere is important now,
    but I am a collectivist or little individualist
    because I don't always follow others.
    I want to be a individualist that respect others and myself and don't want to be a privatism.

  16. Masaki T4:07 am

    The test showed that i'm a individualist and I thought so.
    I like my room, doing internet and reading comic alone.
    I need the time of being alone.
    But I like talking, eating lunch and go somewhere with friends, so I think I'm not being perfect individualist.
    The balance of being individualist and being collectivist is important.
    I think we shouldn't extreme individualist and extreme collectivist.

  17. Akihiko.H8:35 am

    The result of the test showed that I'm rather individualist and I hope so.
    Although I used to think individualism is similar to egoism, according to a certain definition, it includes respect for others.
    It have developed itself on the existence of individuals, without distinction between other people and oneself.
    I think there's room for coexistence of two ideas which seems to be opposite each other.
    The difference may be whether individuals are strong or not and which you prefer to do work at the same time, alone or together.

  18. Kentaro.I9:50 am

    According to the test, I'm a collectivist and I agree with the result.
    I sometime have opposite opinions to other people in my mind.
    But I hardly clear my opinions to them.
    The reason of this is that I don't want to be against my friends.
    So I think I'm a collectivist.

  19. Ayaka.K10:01 am

    I think I am more collectivist.
    I am poor at speaking in public, so I am always nervous whenever I make a speech.
    And I also do not like being different from others.
    Howewver, I envy the individualist person on the other hand.

  20. Tomoya I11:48 am

    According the test, I'am a strong individualist.
    I like working by myself and I never want other's advices.
    But I don't hate follow other people.

  21. Marina12:03 pm

    I think I'm a more individualist.

    There're some reasons.

    First, I like to decide my action myself.

    Second, I'm more relaxer when I study and work alone.

    But there is a except. Nights make me lonely...

    In other words,
    whether I am individualist or collectvist depends on situations.

  22. Anonymous12:16 pm

    The result of the test means I'm an individualist and I think so.
    In fact I feel happy when, for example, I'm talking with my friends ,taking part in a party. However, I don't like to be with my friends all day. If so, I would be very tired. I would get to feel like reading book alone or listening music. I like things to do alone. I love the time when I'm alone.

    Sometimes I think communism is unfair. WHY do I have to take responsibility of others mistake? WHY do I have to respect not only someone special also other relevant persons? I think It's odd.
    What I think is individualistic. So, I'm an individualist.

  23. I think I am both individualist and collectivist.
    I love doing works or study in group because you can ask for other people`s opinion on how to make your work better. But when I have to do works that need a certain amount of concentration, I like doing it alone rather than in group.

  24. Taichi M12:39 pm

    I think i'm an individualist.
    But, i think, all people are individualists.
    Own people has own idea and personality.
    To follow other people is one of a style of personality.
    I feel strange to hear to distinguish individual or collective.

  25. Hiromi N12:39 pm

    According to the text,I am a strong individualist and I think it is true.
    First,I like to act for myself and my wish.
    Traveling alone is very fun.
    Second,I often need time to be alone.
    I like my individualism.
    But I don't want to be selfish,so I always consider other people.

  26. N.Kishimoto12:56 pm

    I think I am an individualist.
    Of course, it is fun to me to do something surrounded by many people. But I often feel want to be alone and work something as concentrating. Moreover, I can do which I really want to do when I am alone. If there are many people, I may not concentrate my work.

  27. Keita,I1:11 pm

    I think I am both a individualist and a collectivist.
    I can`t decide which I am.
    I like the time when I am alone.
    In the time, for example, I run ,sleep, reading books, take a walk and so on.
    It is necessary for me to take the time of being alone.
    But I can`t do everything by myself.
    I can live thank you for other helps.
    So I also need many people`s opinion.

  28. kosuke S1:24 pm

    According to the test I am categorized in individualist.
    But I think I have some features of collectivist,it is easy for me to follow others advice and I like staying in group.
    Until now I reckon individualism means minority and unique, so I don't think i am individualist, but true meaning of individualism is looking up to other person and myself.
    So I am glad to find good meaning of individualism and I'm pleased about I was classified in individualist.

  29. Yurika.M1:30 pm

    I think I am a collectivist for 2 reasons.
    First, at my way of thinking, I usually depend on others' opinions,
    and make a decision which bears some parallels to them.
    Second, at my pattern of behavior, I feel relieved when I act with some other people.
    As I have wrriten, I am so afraid of losing touch with others,
    so I can't be a individualist.

  30. Atsushi.K1:40 pm

    I think I'm individualist, but I have aspect of collectivist.
    I prefer to study and work alone, and I like to being alone.
    Sometimes, I make decision by myself, but sometimes, I'm willing to someone's decision.
    So, I have both aspect of individualist and collectivist.

  31. Kazuya.O1:41 pm

    I am an individualist.
    When I was small, I was a collectivist.
    I like to play and work with many friends.
    But as I am growing up,I like to in a small group.
    Although playing with many people is fun, playing with a few people is better.

  32. I think I am an individualist.
    Because I like spending time alone in my room.

  33. Shoko.A12:49 pm

    I am an individualist.
    I like to play or talk with people, but I keep myself cool when I am alone.
    I usually act without thinking, so it is better for me to be free.

  34. i think i was not so individualist, but i would like to be more individualist.
    individualism is important to produce creative thinking.
    i want to be an artist, that's why i think so.
    thank uuuu!