Monday, October 15, 2012

The University of Tsukuba IE Phys. Ed B3 Week 6

Hello everyone,
I hope you had a great week-end.

Today we are going to talk about our favourite athletes.

In Japan, Homare Sawa is very popular.

Please answer the questions below about Homare Sawa.
  1. How many Asian players have won the Woman's World Player award?
  2. Who did Ms. Sawa sit next to at the award ceremony?
  3. When did she scoop the award?
  4. How old was she when she was given the award?
  5. What colour kimono did she wear to the award ceremony?
  6. Who is the manager of the Japanese Women's National Soccer team?
  7. Who was Woman's World Player for the 5 previous years? 

Now let's study some vocabulary. Please click the link:  IE - PhysEd B3 Vocabulary

Now please click the link to download today's lesson materials.

Please post your answers to these questions as a comment.
Do you like Homare Sawa? Who's your favourite athlete?

Ok, see you next week!


  1. chisato4:28 pm

    Yes,I do.
    I like Ai fukuhara.

  2. Tomohito Sato4:29 pm

    yes, I do.
    I like Miyama Aya , too.

  3. takehito4:30 pm

    Yes,i do.

    I like Miyama.

  4. 2012120284:36 pm

    Sorry! Thank you for helping me!
    My name is WASEDA Takashi.
    I play tennis.

    I like homare sawa.
    She is very powerful for her age.

  5. I like Homare Sawa.

    My favorite athlete is Hiroyuki Nakano.
    He is a 400m sprinter who joined the London Olympic Games this year. I'm a 400m sprinter, too. He is from Aichi where I grew up. We have a lot of things in common.

    The reason why I like him is that he has a dream to be a teacher as well as I have. He is my goal. I wanna go the way of him.

  6. I like Homare SAWA.
    And I like Elena Isinbayeya.
    She is a pole vaulter who has world rcord.
    I want to jump higher like her and to be beautiful!!

  7. Kazuki9:37 pm

    Yes,I like Homare Sawa.

    My favorite athlete is Narazaki Seigo.
    He is a Nagoya Grampas`s GK.
    I think he is a japanese best GK.

  8. Akihiro12:20 pm

    I like Homare Sawa.

    My favorite athlete is Ichiro

  9. Hiroki12:40 pm

    I like Homare Sawa.

    My favorite athlete is Naoya Masuda.
    He is a member of Chiba LOTTE Marines.It's a professional baseball team.He is a picher of the team.He is a rookie in the this baseball season,but he played an active role.I guess that he gets the rookie of the year.And I hope so.I try to model myself on his play style.

  10. Yes,I do.
    I like Ichiro. He is a hard worker.

  11. Yukino9:34 am

    I like Homare Sawa.

    My favorite athlete is Koji Murofushi. He is the greatest hammer thrower in world.

    By the way, do you like Wayne Gretzky who is a hockey player?

    1. Hi Yukino,
      I like Brendan Shanahan. He went to my high school. I also like Devin Setaguchi
      Thanks for asking.

  12. Kotowa9:11 pm

    I like her.

    My favorite athlete is Kousuke KITAJIMA.
    He is a great swimmer!!!!

  13. Fusako11:19 pm

    I like Homare Sawa.
    because I respect her thinking.

    My favorite athlete is no one.
    because my style is only one.

    But I like pure athletes for their sports.

  14. Ryota8:26 am

    Yes,I do.

    My favorite athlete is kosuke kitazima.
    I respect him.

  15. Tatsuki9:04 am

    Yes,I do.

    My favorite athlete is Ichiro. I play rugby but I respect him as an athlete. He never neglects his routine works. That is most important thing for athlete.

  16. Naoki motomura1:54 pm

    I like Homare Sawa.
    My favorite athlete is O-no Hitoshi.
    He is Japanese rugby player.
    He is called "tetsujin" means "Iron man".
    When he began playing rugby, he was 18!
    Nevertheless he became a player on behalf of Japan!

  17. Yukino2:08 pm

    I like Homare Sawa.
    My favorite athlete is Kayoko Fukushi. She is a malathon ranner in japan. Her smile cheer me up. She smile always.

  18. Tsukasa2:23 pm

    Yes,I do.
    My favorite athlete is Yu Koshikawa.
    He is a volleyball player.

  19. Keisuke2:52 pm

    I like Homare Sawa. My favorite athlete is Ashton Eaton.He is a Decathlete and world-record holder in the Decathlon.

  20. kenta3:18 pm

    I like Homare Sawa.
    My favorite athlete is Deen Genki.
    He is a Javelin throw player.

  21. I like Shinohara Hidenori who is a good softtennis player.
    he belongs to National Team of Japan and captain the taem.
    Because his performance fascinate us.

  22. Atsushi3:48 pm

    I like Homare Sawa.
    My favorite athlete is Kosuke Kitazima.
    He is a great swimmer.