Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The University of Tsukuba CE Science and Maths C1 - Week 6

I caught one!
Hello everyone,

Today we are going to start our next unit, Only One Earth. This unit is about the environment.

Today we will also start our first assignment. Please click the link to download Assignment 1.
You can see some examples of work done by students at Shibaura Institute of Technology.
Please click the links to see Gentaro's Report, and Seiya and Dan's Reports.

Today we are going to talk about fishing.
First let's study some vocabulary. Please click this link: CE Science & Math C1 Vocabulary.

Look at the photo on the left. What kind of fish am I holding? Do you like fishing? Do you like to eat fish? Do you think overfishing is a problem? Please leave a comment below.

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  1. Hi,Michael

    Hope you had a good time last weekend.

    I don`t like fishing because I can`t wait until I can catch a fish,however,I like eating fish.

    It`s said that a great number of fishes are decreasing and on the verge extinction because of overfishing.So some countries impose restrictions on fishing to fishermans.I think we can`t eat fish or we are limited eating fish in the future.It`s a big problem.Japanese eat a lot of fish.I feel sorry for that.