Monday, October 15, 2012

The University of Tsukuba CE Humanities A Week 6

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to talk about body language. First let's study some vocabulary.

Look at the picture on the left. What are the girls saying?

Click the link to learn more about the V sign.
You can learn more about body language by reading this article: How to read Body language.

Describe your favourite gesture. Post a comment below.


  1. My favorite gesture is to put my hands on my stomach. Because when I do this gesture,my friends often give me something to eat! I'm so happy!! And I was helped by this gesture when I was in Canada too.

  2. Aiman2:54 pm

    My favourite gesture is hugging. In my country we often hug our good friends when we meet them. Hugging is a sign that the two people is a very close friends. We only does it with friends of the same gender. It was not a good thing to hug friends of the opposite gender.

  3. Taichi.M2:55 pm

    My favorite gesture is Dogeza, the ultimate gesture which is passed for long time in Japan.
    Dogesa shows one's thanks and apeal at the expense for his pride.
    It maybe looks like foolish, but i think Dogesa is the coolest gesture all over the world!

  4. shoko2:56 pm

    Heloo,my name is Shoko.
    I like the body language of the sign of good.
    Thums up!
    It's good tool to communicate with various of people.
    I'm glad if someone do it.
    Thank you.

  5. Eishi.K2:56 pm

    I like to clap my hands to represent respect, congratulation or praise for someone.
    In Japan, it is always positive action.
    When someone speaks something in front of many people, I want to clap my hands for he or she, even if I think his or her ideas are not right.

  6. crossing arms is my favorite gesture.
    We use it and can describe our feelings without touching each other.
    Because I am Japanese, I am uncomfortable to touch many peaple.
    So, this gesture is easy to try.
    When I am angry, I often use it.

  7. Sayaka.K2:56 pm

    My favorite gesture is OK sign.
    We use it at any time. For example, when I permit people do something.
    OK sign is cute.
    So I like this sign.

  8. N.Kishimoto2:57 pm

    Hello, Stout!
    My favorite gesture is used when I want to express my feelings and opinion.
    To tell those with my passions, I talk with my hands open.
    People often say, `You are like an American!`
    But I like this way even though I am a Japanese.
    I also use this gesture when I say `Oh, My…(in Japanese , oyaoya)`
    And I even made new gesture to express oyaoya´`

  9. Arisa.I2:57 pm

    My favourite gesture is "toice!". This gesture is putting up my forefinger. That means "hello!". But this gesture isn't common because my favourite musician POLYSICS use this only. This greeting is very cheerful so I want to spread. Michael, if you like this gesture, please use as "hello!".

  10. Riho K2:57 pm

    My favorite gesture is rasing both of my hands high with smile. It is called "Banzai" in Japan. by doing this, I can express how happy I am, and others also can understand how I feel easily.So I like this.

  11. kosuke2:57 pm

    my favorite gesture is "Hi five",clap with others hand.
    It is used when someone does fine play or when we feel excited.
    This is so popular and this makes us more happy.

  12. Ayaka.K2:57 pm

    My favorite gesture is fold my arms.
    I am relaxed by doing this.
    However,this gesture looks little big.
    So,I only do this when I am alone.

  13. Akiho.T2:57 pm

    The gesture I often do is to point myself.
    As you exemplify at the last class, I use this gesture to make sure whether the person speak to me.
    And when I do this gesture, I also open my eye's wide.
    It express a little surprise.

  14. Miyu.K2:58 pm

    My favorite gesture means wakuwaku or ukiuki in Japanese.
    When I am looking forward to something, I do this gesture.
    This gesture is benting arms and raise and lower.

  15. Yuichi2:58 pm

    My favorite gesture is snapping my fingers.
    This means "Right!"or"This is it!".

  16. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Hello, Mr.Stout.
    I'm Kohma.

    My favorite gesture is hit the fists each other.
    This has many meanings.For example, "Good job.","Do your best." "We are friends"and etc...

    I use this gesture mainly to tell "Good!"

  17. Kohei2:58 pm

    My favorite gesture is a good sign.
    It means good and OK.
    We can use it in many situations, so it is very useful.
    Please use it more, Michael.

  18. Masako.S2:58 pm

    My favorite gesture is I love you.
    When you tell love to someone who has distance from you, you put up your thumb and index finger, little finger.
    This is a Japanese sign language.
    I learn it in the sign language club.
    I think it is romantic because you can tell love without voice.

  19. Takuto2:59 pm

    My favorite gesture is victory pose.
    That is making a fist and punching it to the air.
    When I hits a run-scoring hit,I do it toward an ally bench.
    It is so cool.

  20. Tomoya Ishigaki2:59 pm

    I like V sign. Because I love peace and victory, and
    it is very useful.

  21. S.Arai2:59 pm

    Hello, Mr.Stout.
    I like saluting without any means. I like it because only it looks cool. However, my grandmother was saying that she was proud of her brothersaluting in the uniform.

  22. chihiron3:00 pm

    I think the gesture of benting your arm with your fist when you get triumph tell your feeling to people all over the world at best. We, japanese call the gesture pose, "gattu-pose"

  23. kodai(itokon)3:00 pm


    My favorite body language is OK sign.
    To make this sign,you have to make the circle with thum and fore finger.
    I think this sign is very cute.If you use this sign,I may parmitt every thing.
    Rola,the artist,often use this sign!!

  24. Masaki T3:00 pm

    My favorite body language is OK sign.
    This is because this sign can be used many situation.
    It is almighty pose.

  25. Akihiko.H3:01 pm

    My favorite gesture is Hi-touch which called Hi-five in the United States. It expresses 'You did a good job!' and we japanese do this when someone success to solve difficult problems or when someone shoot a goal in game. This gesture rouse good mood and make us more excited so I like it.

  26. Hiromi.N3:01 pm

    My favorite gesture is shaking hands.
    Because we can feel other person's heart warming.
    Also we are relieved each other at the first meet.

  27. Yuka.F3:02 pm

    Hello .
    I like the gesture,waving onself hand.
    this gesture can be used in various situation.
    Foe exmple,I wave my hand When I meet see friends,
    and I want to say good-bye to my friends.
    this gesture means I recognize you.
    So I like this gesture.

  28. Sayaka.H1:19 am

    My favorite gesture is “yubikiri”, when two persons promise, they make a pledge over interlaced little fingers.
    People make yubikiri, sing “yubikiri genman uso tsuitara harisenbon nomasu yubikitta”.
    It means when either breaks a promise, the person has punishment, so people keep a promise.
    Yubikiri is a proof of trusting each other.

    1. Keisuke.I1:50 pm

      My favorite gesuture is thums up.
      This gesture is used many countries.
      So it is useful to communicate many people.
      That`s why I like this gesture.

  29. Marina2:21 pm


    My favorite gesture is standing a thumb.

    Because it makes us more happier.

    It's a sign of good.For example,"Do your best!" and "Good job!".

    I like it very much.I want to use this gesture steadily.

  30. Sayaka.M8:28 pm

    My favorite gesture. is good sign.
    Because I feel to be praised when someone do this gesture to me.
    Also we can smile to see it.
    I often use this gesture.

  31. Yuki. I9:47 pm

    My favorite gesture is "Good luck."
    First, grasp your hand and then stand your thumb.
    Everyone knows this gesture.
    This grsture is very easy,
    but I think it has strong power.
    When I was a junior high school student
    and I wait for the result of the examination,
    I was very worried.
    Then my friend did this gesture for me.
    I was so encouraged.
    So I like this powerful gesture.

  32. Kentaro Ishii12:31 pm

    My favorite gesture is waving my hand.
    I use this gesture as an easy greeting when the familiar person approaches me.
    It's very useful because I needn't think about his/her temper.
    So I often wave my hand to familiar persons.

  33. Atsushi.K3:08 am

    My favorite gesture is a good sign to raise thumb.
    This gesture means good.
    When someone show me good sign, I become happy.
    So,I like this gesture.

  34. Yurika.M5:09 am

    Hello, Mr.Stout.
    My favorite body language is opening arms.
    We use this gesture when we welcome someone, and it often means sign of hugging.
    I like this one because I can suggest my affection and open attitude to another person.
    In addition, this movement makes me relaxed and happy, so I can naturally smile at someone I want to hug!

  35. My favorite body language is V sign.
    In Japan,many people show V sign when they take a picture.
    They show it with smile.
    This sign makes me happy.
    So I like it.

  36. Keita,I1:06 pm

    I like the gesture,shaking hands with each other.
    When I went to foreign countries and met people who are kind,I always shaked hands with them.
    I mean "I`m glad to meet you" "Thank you for helping me" by shaking hands.
    Shaking hand make ours closer.
    So I love this gesture!!!!

  37. Kazuya.O1:40 pm

    My favorite gesture is shaking hands.
    When we shake hands with smiling, we feel happy.
    So I like to shake hands for greeting.