Friday, May 15, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University Travel English Unit 5: Go Straight along Seventh Avenue.

Today we are going to learn how to give and receive directions.
First, click this link:
Play the game. Learn the vocabulary.
Then click the link for Passport on line. Go the tasks.
Finally, do a practice test.

Homework: Look at the map above. Write directions from JR Minami Nagareyama station to Toyo Gakuen University.


  1. Akira.T4:00 pm

    Please get out of Minaminagareyama Station at Tsukuba Express line.You see a bus terminal,but if you go to Toyo Gakuen Univresity,you don't have to take a bus to there directly.You go to Tibakougyou bank and turn right.Then you go to the next corner ,and you turn left.You pass in front of a dental clinic.Seeing you a cross street ,so turn right.A convienienced store ,named Seven Eleven are there.It's ATM ,very useful.It's automatic indeed.If you see it,you turn left.And go straight.You will see a cross street again.It's a wider street than ever you see.Across there, you see Hiregasaki elementary school.You turn light, and go straight, and you turn left at a first corner.Then you go straight ,and you see a post office on your right.You see four roads there.So,take the second road from right.And you go straight, you see Hiregasaki Station at JR line.You pass through a train signal bar.And you go straight far away.You see an electricity store ,so you turn right.And look.You are able to see Toyo Gakuen University's building.If you are student,you turn left ,because if you go straight , you reach an entrance which is for civil and teachers.In the end , you see guard men at a gate.Maybe he say hello to you sometimes.But I always hesitate good morning to him, so I am damned man anytime.But in fact I have a quick response to them.It's a very nice reply.So,I don't neglect them in a way.

  2. From the bus terminal nearby Minami-Nagareyama Station, Go though the terminal to McDonald's along the road.
    You can go across the big bypass. Then turn left to the first big crossroad that is named "Minami-nagareyama st. iriguti(Entrance)".
    Turn right at the crossroad, pass the railway, you can see 7-11 at the corner. then turn right at the corner that is called "Omoi Fukushi Kaikan".
    After some blocks you could see big red-brick buildings. those buildings are Toyo Gakuen.

  3. Wataru.K2:58 pm

    Go out of Minaminagareyama sta. at JR Musashino line, higashiguchi(east mouth).
    Go through a bus terminal.
    Go straight along the street in front of you.
    Cross a roadway and go straight along McDonald's.
    Then turn left and take the first right.
    Turn left on a crossing.
    Take the second left and go straight.
    Go past the store(The store is named "Maruetsu") and turn right.
    Go straight to first traffic signal.
    Toyo Gakuen University is on your left.