Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 4

Today we start Unit 3: Problems.
Lesson Goals

To be able to:
  • Show understanding of adjectives, and use adjectives correctly
  • Demonstrate understanding of two readings about work place problem by answering matching problems questions and ordering prblems from biggest to smallest.
  • Listen to a telephone conversation and identify the product and the problem.
  • Listen to a problem and suggest a solution.
Part 1: Vocabulary
Part 2: Thinking about the topic
  • Work with your partner.
    • Make a list of 5 problems you have had with products and services that you have bought (製品やサービスを購入している問題)
    • Make a list of 5 problems that you have at school.
    • Make a list of 5 problems that Japanese company employees have.
    • Click the link: iVillage - Problems at work? . Look at the problems in the article. Circle the problems that are on your lists. Add the problems that are not on your lists.
Part 3: Listening to telephone conversations
  • Market Leader p. 22. Listen to the telephone calls. Do the task.
  • Click the link: Customer Complaint Department
    • Watch the video. Talk with your partner. Do you think the customer will get satisfaction?
Part 4: Speaking
  • Turn to p. 31. Record the telephone conversations.
  • Vocabulary study
  • CD ROM Unit 3
Thanks for a great lesson.

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