Wednesday, April 08, 2009

東洋学園 University - Classes Begin!

Today is the first day of classes. Today is the first time we will meet. I made a slideshow about me. Please watch the slideshow. Click this link:
Watch the slideshow. Answer the questions on the handout.
Next, here are some websites we will use this year: is a great website for learning vocabulary. Click here to see a video about how to use iKnow on

Click the link to see an one of the vocabulary lists that you can study using - 基礎英語 ステップ1

You can find more great links on the English Lounge Self Study page.
Now click the link for your course:
Interest-based English 4 - Homestay
Introduction to Business English A

Last, please leave me a comment. Tell me about your first day of classes.

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