Friday, April 24, 2009

Travel English Unit 3: Can I change some money here?

Today's lesson is about money! Let's look at the lesson plan.

Lesson goals
  • Learn and remember the names of foreign currencies.
  • Listen to big numbers. Listen and choose the correct price.
  • Say big numbers with good pronunciation.
  • Remember useful words, phrases and vocabulary that you can use at a foreign exchange office.
  • Learn how to keep your money safe while travelling.
  • Complete a practice test.

Part 1: Foreign Currencies

  • Make a list of currencies you know.
  • Click the picture above. Look at the notes. What currencies are in the picture?
  • Click this link: Travel Lesson 3.
  • Look at the right side of Mr. Stout's Blog. Use the currency conversation exchange widget. Fill in the table below:

Foreign CurrencyYen (¥)
Four hundred U.S. dollars¥42,718
One thousand Indian Rupees
Forty thousand Hong Kong dollars
Sixty Canadian dollars
Seven hundred Australian dollars
Fifty British Pounds
Eight hundred Euros

Part 2: Understanding large numbers and prices

  • Listen to the conversations and do the task on p.10 of your textbook.
  • Practice saying long numbers.

Part 3: Vocabulary

Part 4: Keeping your money safe.

  • Read the background notes on p. 60 of your textbook. Answer the questions below:
  1. Where can you change money and travellers' cheques?
  2. Give two reasons why using travellers' cheques is a good idea.
  3. What the 5 rules at the end of the background notes?
Part 5: Practice Test
  • Click this link: Passport Online Tests. Choose Units 2 and 3. Do the test. Print your score and give it to Mr. Stout.

That's all. Have a nice Golden Week. Do you have any travel plans? Please post a comment and tell me.

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