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Toyo Gakuen University: Freshman English 2 – Reading: Unit 2: Living in the U.S.A

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Lesson Goals
To be able to:
  • Write a short report about a Book
  • Make a list of words related to the topic - The United States
  • Make a list on
  • Compare the stories of three immigrants to the U.S.
  • Relate the readings to your own life

Part 1: Sustained silent Reading (SSR)
  • Read your graded reader for 5 minutes
Part 2: Extensive Reading Book Report
  • Use the form Extensive Reading Book Report form. The form is in the lecture folder. Fill in the form with information about a graded reader that you have read.

Part 3: Vocabulary
  • Click this link: FE2 Pre-Intermediate Reading Unit 1. Click iKnow. Review the vocabulary from unit 1. Do the lesson.
  • Scan pp.14 and 15 of your textbook. Find 5 words that you don't know well. Underline the words in the text. Watch and listen to Mr. Stout. Make a vocabulary study list on
  • Look at the flash cards below.

More flashcards, word search, and hangman provided by

Part 4: Reading - Living in the U.S.A

Before you read - Thinking about the topic
Jigsaw Reading
  • Do activities 2 - 5 on p.14
After you read: What do you think?
  • Write 3-5 sentences about living in Japan. Use the form below to help you.

Living in Japan

There are several things I like about living in Japan. First_______________________. Also___________________.  Finally__________________.

  • Write 3 questions that you would like to ask a foreign person living in Japan.

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