Thursday, April 23, 2009

Toyo Gakuen University: Introduction to Business English 1A Lesson 2

Today we finally start using our textbook. Yeah!! Please look at the lesson plan below.

Lesson Goals:

To be able to:
  • confidently meet a new business partner and exchange business cards.
  • use the self-study C.D. ROM
  • Read a short article about Jeffrey Immelt and do the following tasks:
  • Fill in a chart
  • Answer True/False questions
  • Write 5 questions based on the article
  • Remember information from the article
  • Listen to 3 conversations and do the following tasks:
  • Answer True/False questions
  • Fill in blanks in the conversation transcript (録音したもの)
Part 1: Exchanging business cards
  • Take out the business cards that you made last class. Put them in your business card case. Put the business card case in your breast pocket (胸ポケット) or in the inside pocket of your jacket. Women may put the case in their bags.
  • Find a partner. Stand up. Face your partner. Make eye contact. Introduce yourself and exchange business cards. Repeat. Exchange business cards with everyone in the class.
Part 2: Homework check
  • Click this link: Introduction to Business English A: Exchanging Business Cards . Do the quiz. Stand up. Report your answers.
Part 3: Vocabulary review
Part 4: Reading - "Meet Jeffrey Immelt" textbook p.9
Before you read: Thinking about the topic
Look at the picture. This is Nobuyuki Idei (出井伸之) He is the former CEO of Sony. What kind of company is Sony? Talk about it with your partner. Use your imagination (想像力). Answer the questions below:
1. Is this man rich?
2. How many days a week does this man work?
3. How many hours a day does this man work?
4. What are his interests and hobbies?

Image originally uploaded
by Joi to Wikimedia Commons

While you read:
  • Read "Meet Jeffrey Immelt" on p.9.
  • Do the tasks a and b.
After you read: Do task c.

Part 4: Listening
  • Listen to the conversations. Do tasks a, b and c on p.12
Part 5: Consolidating your learning
  • Do the case study on p.13 of your textbook. Use your business cards.
  • Do Unit 1 on the Self-study C.D. ROM.
  • Continue studying the 語学試験の学習リスト vocabulary list.
  • Write a short e-mail. See Unit 1 p. 13 and Writing File p130. Send your e-mail to michael dot stout at tyg dot jp.

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