Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The First Day of School: Introductions

I teach my first classes of the 2008 academic year beginning tomorrow. I teach many first year students so I made this slide show in order to introduce myself. I made it using a website called voicethread. You can make your own slideshow with voicethread or you can comment on other people's slide shows.



  1. I am currently a doctoral student studying Human Computer Interaction. I take many distance/distributed courses and I think voice thread would be a great addition to Blackboard. Although we communicate asynchronously, it would add presence if we could post voice messages as well as written communication. It might be helpful if voice thread was used for technical support on sites that students use. I will definitely read more about it online. Thanks for a useful post.

    -Christie Jones, CECS 5310 Student
    Spring, 2008

  2. Looks like a useful tool for communication. I'll have to try it out!

  3. Toshiya5:37 pm

    I`m going to Canada in spring vacation with my friend!!
    Utada Hikaru very nice mucian.
    she has very songs☆
    I like to her!!
    Your picture is beautiful!!!!
    especially・・・New caledonia picture-!!!!

  4. Jun M.5:48 pm

    Hello mr stout. I study english .It is difficult .difficult=dislike said mr stout.I thought.I don`t choose it.grey zone.

    mr stout is funny and big body.so
    I enjoyed class.
    he is from canada.
    Im from nippon.
    very remote.
    I met mr stout and acquire english

    .thank you .