Sunday, April 12, 2009

Back to School - Shibaura Institute of Technology

Yesterday was the first lesson for the 英語 L and S (English Listening and Speaking) class. Together we made some class rules. You can see the rules for the students in the picture below.

My favourite "rule" is "We should not say, 'May I go to the toilet'. We should say, 'Excuse me, I'm going to the toilet'". Before the class made these rules we did another task about "Classroom language". The task was designed by a colleague. It was an ordering task. For example:
toilet I may go to the? ➾ May I go to the toilet?
I said, "May I go to the toilet?" is for children. Excuse me, I'm going to the toilet is for adults". So, I was very impressed when I heard a student suggest this rule.

You can see the rules for me in the picture below.

"Students must not use their mobile phones in class" is a common rule in Japan. I used my mobile phone to take the photos of the rules on the blackboard. I was very impressed that this rule was made for me.

Last year the L & S class made some rules too. You can see those rules here:

What do you think of these rules? Please leave me a comment.

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