Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toyo Gakuen University Interest-based English Semester 2 Music Genres Presentation

Music Genres Slide Show Project Checklist

Are you finished your part of our slideshow? Use the checklist below:
You are finished if you can check every box.
I have…
  • uploaded a picture (1 point)
  • given the picture a title.(1 point)
  • included the URL of the picture (1 point)
  • recorded my talk (2 points)
  • recorded three questions about my talk (2 points)
  • answered the questions asked by all members of the class (8 points)
  • participated in a conversation of at least 6 turns with two people (5 points)
Total score is 20 points

If you are finished, click this link:
Watch the powerpoint presentations made by the students in last semester's class.

1 comment:

  1. Michael,
    This is a nice demonstration of using Voicethread with your EFL students. I especially liked all of the questions and comments attached to each slide. That is really important. Seeing how you helped students do this was helpful to see. When I did a similar project with my students last year, I had a hard time getting them to leave voice comments (most left text ones because they were too shy). Anyway, keep up the good work!