Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shibaura Institute of Technology Paragraph Writing 2 students write about their favourite architectural structures

The students in the Paragraph Writing 2 class have been doing some very good work. Below are some examples. Enjoy!

Seto bridge is a famous bridge in Kagawa and Okayama. It connects Kagawa and Okayama. It is a very large and long bridge, 9,368 meters long. It consists of three structures: two different styles of suspension bridge and a truss bridge. It has a four-lane expressway and a two-lane railroad. The Shikoku district has not Shinkansen, but it has plan for building a Shinkansen road. So Seto bridge was designed that it can add more two railroads. Its color is light gray. This color suits this place. You can see a beautiful view of the Seto Inland Sea when you drive or get into a train.
Ayana S.
Yokohama Landmark tower is a famous building. It is the tallest building made of concrete in Japan.  It is 295.8 meters high. This building has 70 floors. It is made of concrete, glass and steel. The lower floors contain shops, restaurants, clinics, and offices. A hotel occupies forty-nineth to seventieth floors. This building has very many facilities. Yokohama Landmark tower is my favorite building.
Satomi Y.
This is a famous building in Kyoto. It is a tall building, 131meters high. It consists of two structures: a tall tower and a rectangular structure. The tower is on the rectangular structure. The rectangular structure is hotel and shopping area. You can get a great view of the city from a viewing platform at the top of the tower. The building is made of concrete, glass and iron. The building was made in 1964. This building is called Kyoto Tower.
Kohei K
This is a famous tower in Tokyo. It is a very large and tall building, 333 meters high. It is the tallest tower in Tokyo. It was built in 1958. The color of the building is red and white. It has a rectangular base and an antenna. The antenna is cylindrical and thin. The tower has a big observatory 150m from the ground and a small observatory 250m from the ground. You can get a great view of the city from the big observatory and the small observatory. The tower is made of concrete and glass. It is used mainly for a transmitter tower. It is a symbol of Tokyo. It is Tokyo Tower.
Akitsugu K.
Horyu-ji is a famous building in Japan. It is an old temple in Nara and it was built by Prince Shotoku in 607 A.D. There is a five-storied pagoda in it, which is 24 meters high. Horyu-ji is the oldest wooden building in existence. At the gate of Horyu-ji, a pair of Kongorikishi statues stands. In 1993, Horyu-ji was registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. So, all Japanese know this temple.
Yukiya A.
This is a famous building in Kyoto, which many people visit. It is small. It is three stories high. Although it was burned in 1950, it was rebuilt in 1955. You cannot enter it because it is old, thin and fragile. The building is made of wood and it is gilded. It was designed by Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. It is beautiful. It is a Kinkakuji.
Yuki K.
The building is a university. It is located in Toyosu. Its material is reinforced concrete and its color is gray. Its shape is like The Arche de Triomphe. The size is about 25 meters high. The building has many windows, and has over 15 floors. You can get a great view of the city from the top floor. This building is S.I.T. Toyosu campus.
Daichi M.
It is a famous building in Australia. It is a concert hall where orchestras play. It was designed by John Utsson, and made in 1973. It consists of the concert hall, the opera theater, the drama theater, the playhouse, and the studio theater. It is 180-meters in height. So, it is very high. It is a sharp face. It is made of granite and plywood. 1,056,500 tiles that were made in Sweden are
on the roof. These tiles are very beautiful, and this building is a famous sightseeing spot. I like this place seen from the river. Especially, in the evening it is beautiful.
Shun T.

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