Wednesday, November 05, 2008

PAC 7 at JALT 2008 - teachers and students learning together

AsianYouthForumMontage, originally uploaded by mick62.

Last weekend an amazing event happened at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center in Yoyogi, Tokyo. The event was PAC 7 at JALT 2008. Students and teachers from Japan, Russia, and all over Asia took part in the event. One of the most impressive parts of the event was the Asian Youth Forum. Students from Asian countries took part in workshops and made presentations. They shared their culture and they shared their ideas.
Toyo Gakuen University teachers took part in the event too including Andy, Sarah, Claire, Cara, and me. Some Toyo Gakuen students volunteers as interns too. I hope more Toyo Gakuen University students will get involved next time.

Asian Youth Forum participants performing their native songs and dances.

Asian Youth Forum participants at the opening ceremony of PAC 7 at JALT 2008.

Yoko, a Toyo Gakuen student, serving as an intern at the conference.


  1. Yumi O.9:33 pm

    It was really nice experience for us.this time,we could experience many job in 3 we had to work flexible!and we stayed same dorm!so it also became strong connection for work together.
    my job was 1.sign coordinator which is put the schedule on the wall in all building and explain the map where they are,2. room manager which is time keeping for presentation and make presentation smoothly and last day i helped clerk which is taking luggage temporary when they attend conference.every job was interesting!but i thought clerk is most interesting job it seems really hard at first though.
    there was good things to attend this conference.we can make friends from other university or other place.besides,they are all high-motivated about english!so it's nice to exchange our imformation and we can think more broader point of view by listening other's opinion.
    i was glad to see all my junior seems enjoy this experience. it's really different feelings when i joined these conference help first time.i was nervous.but now i can enjoy! every year,the number of students from toyo helping this conference is increasing.that is very proud!!all the teachers in there is very kind and nice.they seems happy and we are happy!!!
    so it's worth a lot to spend all weekends!!!

  2. Hey Hi...
    This is Jibran from Pakistan, i was there too at Asian Youth Forum as participant. It was a great experience. I thank the interns for making many things possable.