Friday, August 24, 2007

Tenth Anniversary of My Arrival in Japan Part 3 My First School

My first school in Japan was NOVA Ageo School. Many people criticise NOVA but NOVA Ageo school was great. The staff was great, the teachers were great, and the students were great. In fact, four of the ten teachers that I worked with at NOVA Ageo School are still teaching. Three of us have got Masters Degrees (修士号) specialising in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL, 他言語話者に英語を教える).

Let me tell you about some of the great teachers I worked with at NOVA Ageo School:

Craig Stevens is the Academic manager at OISE Bristol and Academic Co-ordinator for the OISE Group. Thanks to Craig I became a member of the Japan Association of Language Teaching (全国語学教育学会).

Chris Foskett owns a company called New Leaves. Chris coaches Japanese businessmen and entrepreneurs through English.

Adam Murray teaches at Tokyo Denki University. Adam and I will be presenting at the JALT National Conference in Tokyo in November. Also, an article we wrote together will be published in English Teaching Professional soon.

I wish I could post some more pictures. Unfortunately I can't contact the students in order to ask them for permission (許可) to post their picture on this blog. So, all I can do is say that they made me very happy.

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