Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My Hometown:Dalian by Lu Lin (Cathy), Takushoku University

You should visit my hometown of Dalian. It’s a great place to go for a vacation. First I’m going to tell you where it is. And second I’m going to tell you what it is famous for. Finally I’ll tell you about the food.

My hometown is a young city with only a 100-year history. It is in Liaoning Province. Dalian is situated between the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea. Everywhere seems to have a beautiful view: blue sky, blue sea, green trees and various flowers. The other scenic areas are Bangchuidao Scenic Area , Laohutan Scenic Area , Jinshitan Scenic Area and Xinghai Square. According to, “people say Dalian is a city built in gardens”. Next I’ll tell you what Dalian is famous for.

Dalian is famous for business and fashion. It is a trading and financial center and it is called the “Hong Kong of Northern China”. The Dalian International Fashion Festival is held in my city every year. Dalian is one of China’s most important tourist cities.

Now I want to tell you about the food . There are numerous restaurants in the city providing a wide variety of top-quality seafood at very cheap prices. If you come my hometown on holiday, you must eat at them, please .

Today I told you three things about my hometown .First I told you about the location. Second I told you what it is famous for. Third I told you about food . I hope you visit Dalian soon .

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