Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Hometown: Seoul by Hana Lee, Takushoku University

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. I’m Ha-na. Let me introduce my hometown Seoul. Seoul is the capital of Korea. Korea is the small country that is located between China and Japan. Seoul is the center of everything and the most populated city in Korea. This city has a population of nearly 11 million. Now you know where my hometown is. Next I’ll tell you what it’s famous for.

Kim-chi is famous Korean traditional food. It is very important food to Koreans. Kim-chi is very hot but it is very healthy. Many people all over the world enjoy it recently. You can buy Kim-chi at foreign food super markets easily. Kim-chi has many nutriments for health and good taste. It is known as a diet food. So, many Japanese like to eat it.

Seoul is also famous for its landmarks. The 63 building is one of them. There are restaurants and an aquarium in the 63 building. It’s the place that the country people are sure to visit if they can go to Seoul just one time. Another famous landmark is the Han River Bridge. The bridge’s lights are turned on at night. It is so beautiful. Finally, I’d like to recommend Insadong. Insadong gives you the impression of a street museum. At Insadong, you can imagine special things. Also, you can have many kinds of Korean traditional food and tea. If you go there, you can see a lot of Korean things. Isadong is a really good place to visit if you go to Korea.

Today I told you about my hometown.

Thank you.

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