Sunday, August 19, 2007

The American School in Japan Summer Day Camp

From 23 July to 17 August I taught English to ten and eleven year old Japanese students at the American School in Japan Summer Day Camp. It was a great experience. It was great to teach children again. My students at ASIJ were great. They had so much energy. They also were very interested in learning English and playing with English. They made jokes in English! They made me very happy.

The experience was also good because I got the chance to meet more teachers. Many of my new colleagues (同僚) came from the United States and Canada to teach at the ASIJ Summer Day Camp. Therefore, some their ideas about teaching were different. I got some great new ideas from them.

Another reason I enjoyed working at ASIJ is that it is the alma mater (母校) of Utada Hikaru. She is one of my favourite singers. It was great to know I was in a place where she spent a lot of time. ASIJ has some other famous alumni (卒業生) including Edwin O. Reischauer and Joan Fontaine.

I hope I have a chance to work at ASIJ again.


  1. Hi,Mr.Stout:)

    you were teaching English! are really good teacher so I hope children enjoyed you class:)
    in my case,I just came back to my home 2days ago:)
    I went to the ASHINAGA Summer camp 2007:) I just went with my mother( she was doing translater)and I thought I dont have nothing to do just enjoy! but...I also did translater! It was really hard! but it became good experience for me! I could know the feeling of translater! its...reallt hard!
    also...I could know that I have to study english so hard...

    by the way, I sent an e-mail to Mr.Caissey today!
    when was his birthday?

    see you:)

  2. Hi Jina,
    Thanks for the warm words.
    What is the Ashinaga Summer Camp? Where is the Ashinaga summer camp? Why were you and your mother translating? Where you translating from English to Japanese, from Japanese to English, from Kurdish to Japanese? Which languages were you translating and in what direction were you translating them?

    As for Mr. Caissey, his birthday is today. His birthday is the same day as the anniversary of my first day in Japan! Today is the 10th anniversary of my first day in Japan!!! Amazing! The time has flown by.